The Egyptian Mummy at Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur

Proud and happy to say I have seen The Egyptian Mummy without visiting the Pyramids of Egypt.

Egyptian Mummy at Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur

I have visited several museums, but the visit to the Albert Hall Museum at Jaipur will be an unforgettable one. The museum houses some rare Egyptian collection; one of them is the Mummy. I saw It there… very close… with just a glass pane separating us; the Mummy and me. I have never been so close to something dead and so old like this…something belonging to 300 B.C. It was kept in a glass box and looked as if the mask was covered with dust and torn worn out cloth pieces… do the dead really come back? The whole experience was eerie, yet exciting!

Egyptian Mummy at Albert Hall Museum well maintained
Egyptian Mummy at Albert Hall Museum
Have you visited the Pyramids? Do you get to see the Mummies so close there?

Contribution by by Emile Brugsch

Emile Brugsch, curator of the museum at Cairo, has assembled this Egyptian antiquities collection in the museum. A guide published in 1885 mentions that ‘as all articles are genuine and have been collected by one of the principal authorities on the subject. Students will find here all that is necessary to obtain a good insight into the subject of Egyptology.’

For more information on the Mummy, click and enlarge the shot below.



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28 Responses to “The Egyptian Mummy at Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur

  • Mummies on TV or in photos (the only place I’ve ever seen them) always bring such a range of thoughts and emotions to mind. I would feel eerie yet fascinated to be there in “real time” too!

  • Wow! Completely amazing. We’ve never been to Egypt but got to see the Egyptian thing at the huge museum in Toronto. We were able to see a Mummy there and it was incredable.

  • I think mummies are fascinating!

  • Very interesting post. I have never been close to a mummy. I would like to visit Egypt some day.

  • I have always wanted to get up close and personal with a mummy, but never have. I’m officially jealous.

  • I would love to go to Egypt and see that kind of stuff. mummies are kinda freaky, but interesting.

  • that looks like one amazing trip!

  • Egyptian museums are always very interesting to go to. Never been to the country, but am hopeful to make it there some time.
    That is one giant mummy in the picture.

  • There’s something awesome about a mummy!
    When I took youngest granddaughter to the museum to see some, she told me to call an ambulance as the mummy was not very well. Quite a few chuckles from the people nearby. (3 yr olds can have their own ideas about things.)

  • AMazing…is the mask gold? Well i like the Egyptians…they like our ancestors had a lot of curiosity about the universe and thanks to all these that we have been evolving our thoughts.

  • There is a eerie, reverence about mummies. I find it quite amazing the time and effort it took. How fortunate we are to have such a real and close up glimpse into history!

  • That’s so exciting you got to be there and see it in person. The closest I’ve ever been to a mummy was when an Egypt exhibit came to the Museum of Natural History in Chicago years and years ago.

  • That’s so exciting you got to be there and see it in person. The closest I’ve ever been to a mummy was when an Egypt exhibit came to the Museum of Natural History in Chicago years and years ago.

  • Mummies are creepy yet fascinating.

  • Oh WOW WOW WOW, now this is the most interesting PSF entry yet!

  • Wow, that looked amazing and scary at the same time-you were right.
    What a neat experience!

  • You go to the neatest places!

    There’s a mummy in the Chicago Museum, I thought it was pretty cool! 🙂

  • have yet to see one!
    thank you for sharing..

  • Thanks for that, Indrani – I have been fascinated by Ancient Egypt since my very early teens.
    The bridge post was amazing – the coracle men had a lucky break (sorry) but did the fallers survive?
    Those coracles are somewhat larger than the Welsh ones.

  • even looking at a mummy gives me jitters

  • I have been to the Gisa Pyramids and the Sphinx outside Cairo. Amazing place. There are no longer mummies to be seen there as they are kept at the Cairo Museum which is so a must visit.

    It is fascinating mysterious history.

  • never never got opportunity to see Mummies….thank you very much for sharing these images….

  • Nice, Indrani – did see some mummies, but more mummy boxes) at the New York Metropolitan. Also saw the recreated ancient Egyptian temple which had to be removed when the Aswan Dam was to be built across the Nile. The temple (or what was left of it) was moved block by block and shipped to New York and reconstructed in the museum.

  • The mummification and your blogification of that was great..!!

  • This is really interesting. I’ve been to Egypt but it was many years ago. If I recall correctly, we saw mummies up close like that, but we were not permitted to take photos. Very cool post!

  • Mummies.. lucky u could see it so close.. something from way back in history..

    one of our dreams is to visit Egypt before we leave Gulf…

  • eerie is the right word, eerie but fascinating

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