The Cathedral of Modena, Italy

Italy has 45 World Heritage Sites, the highest that any country has in the world. The Cathedral of Modena is one of them. After Mantua, our next halt was at Modena. A twelfth century architectural wonder, dedicated to city’s patron saint, St. Geminianus, it was consecrated in 1184.

The cathedral has a pleasant rose color, the lightest shade of rose. The belfry behind is believed to be tilted at an angle. It was covered for renovation work and e couldn’t note this interesting aspect of the cathedral. May be you can notice this feature during your visit there in future.

The sculpted work in the exteriors and interiors tell stories of medivial times. The details are impressive and attention arresting. The façade has the autograph of Wiligelmo and Lanfranco, the sculptors of the cathedral. Who doesn’t like to be famous and well known! The marble lions supporting the porticus reminded me of the ones I have seen in the temples of India.

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