The Bronze Statues of Bratislava, Slovakia

From Vienna we made a day’s trip to Bratislava, Slovakia. When I think of Bratislava, it is the funny bronze statues that come to my mind. As we walked through the cobbled streets of Old Town of Bratislava, we were pleasantly surprised to see statues in various poses popping out at the turns of the streets. It was fun spotting the statues and posing with them.

Famous 4 Bronze Statues of Bratislava

These statues are recent installations, act as reminders to tourists of people of past. The famous 4 bronze statues of Bratislava are “Cumil”, “Paparazzi”, “Napoleon’s Soldier”, and “Schone Naci.”

Bronze Statue of Napoleon’s Soldier

The first statue we spotted was that of Napoleon’s soldier, very easy. He was leaning over a bench in the old town square. It is a reminder of Napoleon’s visits to Bratislava in 1805 and 1809.

Bronze statues of Bratislava 1
Statue of Schone Naci

Schone Naci was designed after a crazy old man from Bratislava. He was a real man living in town in the beginning of the 20th century. The legend associated is: Schone Naci was in love with a woman but the feelings were not reciprocated. Dejected, he got a little bit weird. He was often seen giving flowers to women he met in the streets. You’ll find him in the Sedlárska ulica.

Bronze statues of Bratislava 2

I couldn’t find any story of the Paparazzi put up there.

Bronze statues of Bratislava 3
Bronze Statue of Funny Cumil

Cumil is the funniest and most famous. You can find him at Panska Street. Only the upper part f his body is visible, it is joked that he is a sewer cleaner who is escaping his duty to look up women’s skirts. Unfortunately this one statue is the most damaged one. Speeding cars have hit him twice and now there is a road sign warning the drivers.

Bronze statues of Bratislava 4
If you are ever there, try spotting them. Good luck finding them.


Graffiti in Bratislava, Slovakia
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

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