Thank You Cinthol

Sometime back I was asked to do a series of blogposts for Cinthol’s ‘alive is awesome adventurous bathing experiences’ advertising project. I was a little apprehensive if I would be able to do all eight of them. After all who blogs about bathing. (Cinthol has embarked on a campaign to introduce its brand revamp; complete with a new range of soaps, shower gels and deos.)

As I dug deeper into my memories and albums, visions of one incident after another when I experienced and fantasized unexpected showers and baths kept popping up. Emotions kept surging, many memories got refreshed. Thanks to Cinthol I could re-live some of the alive is awesome adventurous bathing moments I experienced and fantasized!

Bathing is an everyday luxury we are fortunate to experience! We almost do it mechanically. We hardly pause to think the series of activities we do during the whole process, but the relaxation we derive from this simple activity is immense. Add to this a few cosmetic preparations, not necessarily expensive, your weary nerves calm down instantly. As I kept posting my flashbacks, the team from Cinthol promptly kept sending me the goodies. They were mostly Godrej Cinthol gift hampers and shopping voucher. There were a whole range of items which i could indulge in.

I enjoyed the whole blogging experience. Cinthol just taught me to be conscious of every moment of being alive! With each blogpost re-living each experience I was convinced being alive is awesome! Something like ‘a regular bath’ a mundane activity too can be enjoyed.

The joy of bathing just got enhanced!

Happy And Safe Diwali!
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  • I like its smell 🙂

  • This has been a fun, fascinating series of yours, Indrani, and I've really enjoyed it!! The older I get the more I realize that being alive is indeed awesome!! Thanks for the reminder!!

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