Tasting Authentic Nepali Food in Bengaluru

We, self and hubby, maneuvered through Koramangla to this little restaurant Bamey’s Restro Cafe in our quest for authentic Nepali food in Bengaluru. A warm welcoming ambiance greeted us. The place isn’t big, but has good cosy seating arrangements and just as we were settling in the waiter came across with fresh water and menu cards. I literally grabbed it off his hand as I was curious to see the dishes the Nepali menu card had to offer.

Nepali CuisineBetween the two of us how much can we order, experiment and taste from with wide range of Nepali dishes, I wondered. We avoided soup and went in for starters straight. My eyes rolled over cute Nepali names. Sandekho and tareko dishes, there were potato and chicken based dishes in these. We settled for the potato based one wanting to know, how different potato in Potato Sandekho can taste. The item came in an oval dish decorated or garnished with puffed rice and green chilies. Well cooked cubed potatoes well dressed in thick gravy and few carrot cubes too that added sweet taste to it; the dish vanished in no time. All that was left were grains of puffed rice.

Sandekho PotatoBamseys Special Nepali Momo Platter

Go for this dish which comes with 4 different kinds of preparations of momo. This platter is ideal for a family of four. A square plate this time with Steam momos, fried momos, jhol momos and Kothey (pan fried) momos. If you are a fiehard fan of original steamed momos you may not relish the other3. My personal favorite is Kothey Momos, the pan fried ones, perfect combination of steaming and frying. There are more kinds of momos to be experimented yet. The list is like: meetho momo (sweet momo), swadista momo (tasty momo), Raseela momo (juicy momo) and of course their Himalayan momo!

Nepali MomosMain Course of Nepali Food

Ideally a Nepali main course dish will have dal, bhaat and tarkari (lentil soup, rice and vegetable curry). (We use the same words in Bengali too.) This belongs to the category of Khas and Pahari cuisine. Furthermore main dish comes with some tasty accompaniments. Here at Bamey’s Restro Bar too they served the same and presented it well in authentic manner in a brass dish. We ordered one non veg thali (dish) and another veg thali. Veg platter came with mixed vegetable curry and the non veg platter had mutton in gravy cooked in rich garam masala.

The accompaniments proved to be tasty, different and interesting. They included spinach lightly sautéed in oil, radish pickle, slice of lemon, and onion and a bowl of curd. Most noteworthy is Gundruk, a Nepali national dish. I am in search for this Nepali dish recipe now. It is a fermented leafy vegetable and is an important source of minerals particularly during the off-season when the diet consists of mostly starchy tubers.

Gundruk Nepali FoodWiki mentions about Gundruk:

In the months of October and November, during the harvest of the first broad mustard, mustard green, radish and cauliflower leaves, large quantities of leaves accumulate — much more than can be consumed fresh. These leaves are allowed to wilt for one or two days and then shredded with a knife or sickle. Not only the leaves but also the roots of radish are also used to make a better quality gundruk. The roots of radish can be mixed with the leaves and smashed together. When it is smashed, care should be taken not to make pieces too small.

Ambiance at Bamsey’s

At Bamey’s Restro Bar they serve food in brass plates and bowls. I liked the traditional presentation that they have tried to maintain. The ambiance is friendly. In addition to that was their  Nepali music, I heard it for the first time.

Nepali Menu




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