Taragarh Fort, Bundi

“Taragarh Fort must have been built by angels not by human beings,” commented Rudyard Kipling.

It looks beautiful. A steep climb up the hill, then through enormous gates decorated with elephants which are now in ruins, we were inside the Taragarh Fort of Bundi. In its heydays this fort was well known for the tunnels criss-crossing the entire hill side facilitating the King and his men to flee in case of imminent defeat in wars. Most of the tunnels are blocked with rubble now.

The lawns of the Bundi palace and one for the queens are maintained well, but the structure seems to be crumbling with age steadily but slowly.

The fort was built in 1354 and has witnessed the battles and reigns of many Maharajas. The murals have faded and the stained glasses in the windows are no longer in one piece.

View of Nawal Sagar an artificial lake with a temple of Varuna (water-god) in the middle. Click on it to see the temple in the middle of the lake.

View of the town from the palace windows is magical. It is the same town which inspired Rudyard Kipling’s Kim.

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  • Beautiful snaps. The mural painting look excellent. Its a heritage that has to be preserved.

  • I love your photographs that spread the magic of India before my eyes…Thank you! And thank you for kind words on my blog today, too…

  • Oh! Indrani, how absolutely beautiful! Fantastic photos and, I too, do hope the heritage of the mural painting is preserved! Wonderful post! Thank you!

  • beautiful photos and a fascinating commentary as always your blog is insightful…thanks for sharing.

  • Wow, what a beautiful and spectacular place. I love buildings in mountains. The architecture and art are magnificent.

  • What a wonderful place!! Your pictures are amazing!

  • Indrani: Beautiful capture of this neat fort, it is so well located for protection.

  • You must have a great vantage view taking these pictures. Beautiful and breath taking. I love the murals, they maybe faded but they are part of our cultural history. Nice photos.

  • A beautiful fort and palace, the murals are so beautiful and also the covered walkway. Thank you for sharing the beauty and history of India with us.

  • Wow, and wow again—exactly the sort of place I love to visit, and I hope I see it someday.

    The trees and murals are my favourite. It’s got its own beauty even abandoned and crumbling, but how I would have loved to see it in its glory days!

    Thanks for sharing the photos, and the views and history. Such a post!

  • Wow, and wow again—exactly the sort of place I love to visit, and I hope I see it someday.

    The trees and murals are my favourite. It’s got its own beauty even abandoned and crumbling, but how I would have loved to see it in its glory days!

    Thanks for sharing the photos, and the views and history. Such a post!

  • What a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing.

  • These are outstanding images, all. I can’t believe how light and graceful are those elephants over the entrance. Astounding.

  • Kipling was right.

    It’s the “fort” that counts.


  • Those little turrets look fragile! unbelievable they they do not fall down. Another very beautiful building, it seems India has an unlimited supply!

  • It’s breathtakingly magical. Such buildings and structures and ornaments. It’s sad that the decay is unavoidable. No wonder Kipling was facinated either, and now we are! Thank you and have a great day!

  • It is always good to see so much history and beauty in one place.

  • That is fantastic and does appear to have been built by angels. Your photography and posts are always so great.

  • such beautiful place and you captured them beautifully. It’s too bad that it’s crumbling. I do hope it’ll be preserved soon.

    My world is up too.

  • Marvelous place. Thanks for sharing.

  • I just love your posts, what a magnificant Fort and view!

  • Wow fantastic. Your blog always have amazing photos. Like the view of the city from where you are. Very beautiful.

  • That Fort is amazing. Must have been well to withstand time and war. It would be nice if it could be maintained and protected.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Fabulously taken. The work of an expert! Thanks for sharing.

  • What a dreamy place it is. The gardens were quite amazing. I always like gates with elephants on top of them.

  • Ruins of forts have a rustic charm of their own.

  • Indrani! How utterly stunning are those great photos of yours! These buildings are of an infinite beauty that I can hardly believe that they are man-made! Like R.Kipling said: They must be made by angels! Thanks for sharing! Thanks also for your visit and have a great week!

  • Simply gorgeous!

  • Very informative. And Great photos. I had a short trip for few minutes. Thanks for sharing.

  • What a beautiful place – from the entrance gate to the garden and the interiors! It must have been an incredible feeling exploring the site — imagining how it was then. Thanks for sharing, Indrani. All the more I’d like to see India!

    Inside Cambodia

  • Wonderful post. This is a place I would love to visit and since I may never, this is the next best thing.

    I love all the photos, as they each tell a particular piece of the palace but my favorite is the second of the carved elephants touching trunks over the doorway. Stunning.

  • how the other nations must have lusted for India in the past with its treasures. it is still the same today with its huge market

  • Waaaaaaaaaaaaw..
    Bundi is a rich historical wealth……
    I think if you staying there it is really
    a comfortable and unforgettable experience!!

    What a pity that the murals are faded.
    But for us its BEAUTIFUL 🙂
    Faded or not !!

    Maybe they can restore the glass panes….

    Very nice post today,
    I must always take the time to read it.
    It’s been such a stress day here today 😉
    No time to relaxxxxx….

  • where is this ‘Tarangarh’ place Indrani? Rajasthan too? Never heard before – Its a beautiful palace out there.

  • it looks almost like a fairytale, beutifull. thank you for sharing. Greetings from Jeany

  • I have always wondered, how people go up and down in a fort like this that too on a mountain!! The legs would sure ache! Maybe they used horses….

    Destination Infinity

  • Beautiful series. Love the elephants over the doorway.

  • Candy to my soul! That is what I felt when I looked at the photos. So beautiful and different. Thank you for sharing and thanks for your visit!

  • I am glad you went to Rajasthan, Indrani. All these treasures would have been denied us, otherwise. One has to agree with Kipling – it is the work of angels.

  • India is such a fascinating place. I HAVE got to find my way there soon. Rajasthan is at the top of my list. Thanks for sharing, this Fort is awesome. Great captures.

  • really quite stunning

  • A paradise for photographers. Truly a spectacular place. It just stunned me.

  • I’m glad to be able to catch up on your blog! 🙂 I love the look of this place, the fact that it is slightly crumbly seems to suit it. Oddly, I can no longer remember a single thing about ‘Kim’, except that I was reading it during a school walk to the countryside.

  • For the 14th century murals, they are comparatively in good condition. Lovely post Indrani. As I’ve mentioned somewhere earlier, I never tire of exploring forts of the old.

  • Wow! It’s all simply fascinating! Glad you shared!

  • Wow beautiful Congrats on post of the Day

  • I enlarged these and found the breathtaking! WOW! Oh, I see above you had POTD ;)! CONGRATS!!

  • Wow. How incredible. Everyone keeps commenting on how the world is getting smaller everyday… but with so much history to discover, how could anyone ever run out of places to visit?

  • Very fascinating sequence of sceneries. I enjoy it very much!

  • There are so many wonders of the world. Thank you for sharing one…
    These are glorious works!…

  • What a marvelous place.

  • Fantastic! Kipling was absolutely right.

  • Indian Culture at its best! Gorgeous pictures.

  • Truly magical for sure. Such beauty and wish there was a way to keep the integrity and help restore such craftmanship!

  • Thanks for taking us to another beautiful site. The pictures are fantastic, but I imagine they don’t do the fort justice.

  • The energy level is amazing. To travel and invade and “Capture” fort after fort..!!!! Wow 🙂

  • These are the most amazing pictures of taragarh fort on the internet

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