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Faces of India – 211

A sadhu outside a temple in Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu. As I zoomed into his face his eyes seemed so sorrowful that I didn’t have the heart to continue focusing on him. I can’t understand...


Faces of India – 210

A temple musician playing the Indian Nageshwaram, a wind instrument popular in south of India. Initially I thought of zooming into his face, but then decided to go for this composition. The shot was...


Faces of India – 198

  “Aunty ennode photo” (read Tamil) “Aunty please take my photo” My heart just melted. Unlike the adults she didn’t ask for any copy, she was content seeing it on the little screen. She...


Thirumayam Fort Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu

Thirumayam Fort Karaikudi was visible from a distance as we drove onward towards Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu from Bangalore. Very majestically located on a hillock, Thirumayam Fort Karaikudi can easily lure a traveler/tourist to wander...


Sky Watch in Madurai

Three of the 14 gopurams (gateway towers) of Meenakshi Temple, Madurai against a sunset sky. Shot taken during a recent visit to the temple. SkyWatch Friday


Chettiar Clan’s Chettinad Temples of Tamil Nadu

The Chettiyar (earlier known as Nagarathars) community of Chettinad region constructed temples wherever possible. Like in other communities, this community too had clans. There are 9 clans in Chettinad community. Each clan was associated...