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Beware of Pickpocket in Lisbon

We were just beginning the journey in Lisbon when we had to pause it due to an incident of pickpocket in Lisbon. Slight laxity on our side and we were targeted by the pickpockets....


A Journey of Different Kind

It was a different kind of journey last month. A journey that made me realize: “time flies fast!” It seemed just the other day she learned to take her first steps, get her balance...


Blog Break

Dear readers, first of all apologies for pushing off on a mini vacation without letting you all know. Everything was planned in a jiffy and we traveled 1000kms plus by road covering Chettinad and...


Sunrise Over Apartments

Where are the hills? I see none around me. Where is the sunrise on hills? I see it through my neighbors’ apartments. I just see their walls brightening, reflecting sun’s rays.  .  . ....


Dark Clouds

dark clouds looming ahead . . . very picture of my mind cluttered with dark fears the only positive sight clear road ahead . . . hopefully after that turn clouds will clear up...


Thank You Cinthol

Sometime back I was asked to do a series of blogposts for Cinthol’s ‘alive is awesome adventurous bathing experiences’ advertising project. I was a little apprehensive if I would be able to do all...


India’s 66th Independence Day

Today 15th August 2012, India celebrates her 66th Independence Day!  Happy Independence Day greetings to all my Indian friends!  Kids of my apartment complex waving flags and cheering all!


Problem Loading Page

I have been facing this weird problem of page not getting loaded, particularly the blogspots. Yesterday, the whole day I had no access to my own blog, which gave me quite a scare. It...


My First Exhibited Photograph

World Water Day is celebrated internationally on March 22, the UN-designated day. The Goethe-Institut of Bangalore had given a call for photographs of open wells. I was thrilled when I came to know one...