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Visit to Atomium Brussels Belgium

Visit to Atomium Brussels will top your itinerary if you are traveling with family there! It was at a distance of 8kms in Brussels where we stayed yet we left for Atomium early to...


Crystal of Iron

What is that popping up from the horizon? Can you guess? We were fast approaching Brussels from Antwerp. Now that is a clue! It is the Atomium, a unique building of Brussels, and for...


Ghent, Belgium

Ghent when compared with Bruges may fail in terms of scenic beauty, yet it is a city worth touring if you are anywhere around. The medieval atmosphere is so well preserved; modernity hasn’t corrupted...


Laces of Bruges

The best way to explore Bruges is by walk. In addition to the attractive facades of the heritage buildings and the winding canals, one another thing the city is famous for is the handmade...


Shop Window – 2

Another shop window in Strasbourg, France, displaying tempting souvenirs.  I used to be indecisive but now I am not quite sure.  ~Tommy Cooper


The Belfry of Bruges, Belgium

We made day trip to Bruges from Antwerp, one of the best decisions ever. A distance of 106kms… we covered it one and half hours. The plan was self guided walking tour of Bruges...