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Somme Battlefields, Amiens

One unexpected scene we stumbled upon while exiting Amiens was a cemetery of Somme Battlefield. Rows of white grave stones, each with names, we halted for some time here. There was not a single...


Amiens Cathedral Interiors

The interior of Amiens cathedral is not so elaborately decorated like its exteriors, yet it has a simple charm of its own. The interior length is 438 feet (133.5 metres), the soaring nave reaches...


Amiens Cathedral Facade

The Bishop of Amiens, Bishop Edward desired to have the biggest cathedral of France and the result was this cathedral, 138 feet high. The façade of this cathedral is grand and impressive. The stones...


Amiens Cathedral Door Details

I had posted a couple of pictures of Amiens Cathedral some time back. You can see them here. The door has such fantastic details that just two pictures don’t do any justice to this...


Amiens, France

Posting these pictures of main door of Amiens Cathedral. The cathedral is HUGE and the details over the doors are jaw dropping sights! Our World Tuesday