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First of August, it is time for bonfires and fireworks for all Swiss nationals. Today, it is 720th National Day of Switzerland, and I am imagining the kind of celebrations that is on right now in there. Like how the 15th of August is important to Indians or 4th of July is important to Americans, this day is an occasion to celebrate for all Swiss nationals.

The day was chosen because August 1st 1291 was the date on which three Alpine cantons swore the oath of confederation, an act which later came to be regarded as the foundation of Switzerland. The representatives of Schwyz, Unterwalden and Uri met on the Rütli field, high above Lake Lucerne, to swear a bond of brotherhood, and agree to act jointly if their freedoms were threatened by outside aggressors. You can read more here and here.

Here is introducing a blogger friend from Basel, Switzerland. Visit Hans-Peter’s beautiful photo blog at FOTO – POESIE. Greetings to you from India, my friend!

Whenever I think of Switzerland, two images stand out clearly in my mind: one is the snow covered Swiss Alps and the other vast green meadows and swiss cows grazing there with bells hanging from their necks (move the mouse over). And I feel like running across this canvas of memory with arms spread out. A truly beautiful country: Switzerland!

Jardin Anglais, Geneva
Zurich Skyline

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  • Dear Indrani,

    I'm very touched about this blog post here. It is wonderful to know that you have dear friends around the world. Your words of love and honor me very happy Indrani. I'm also delighted that you are so many posts about your trip to Switzerland publish here …

    Thank you so much dear friend and many greetings from Switzerland


  • I, too, love Switzerland and have so many beautiful memories of the time I was able to spend there. A very Happy Birthday to a wonderful country with breathtaking beauty. Love your photos, the history you've included and now I shall go visit, Foto-Poesie!! Have a wonderful evening, Indrani!


  • Switzerland reminds me of the white snow and the green meadows as well. Beautiful photos!

  • What marvellous shots – and memories!

  • What a beautiful surprise Indrani! To show us the contrast between the snowclad mountains and the cattle grazing in the fields. You taught us a piece of history, that is essential for Switzerland. Thank you for this post.

  • Switzerland reminds me of money, I don't why. Happy Birthday people of Switzerland.

  • Wonderful shots and memories of Switzerland. I've only seen beautiful Switzerland from a train going from Germany to France with my daughter on a brief vacation. I would love to spend some time there. It is such a beautiful country and as we passed by I wanted several times to jump off the train and wander there.

  • Happy birthday!:-)
    I think of the alps and these beautiful mountain.

  • as a kid growing up in a tropical archipelago, switzerland is what dreams are made of.

  • Great post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  • How interesting that the images in your mind of Switzerland are so similar to mine: Alps (for sure) and in my case goats instead of cows (Heidi, the book).

  • Happy birthday to Switzerland!
    Snow and cows with bells; two images for me too 🙂

  • thanks for the sharing…beautiful shot.

  • Thanks for this post. I didn't realize that August 1 was Switzerland's National Day. I really like your photo — it fits the image of Switzerland.

  • How wonderful, Indrani. And I love the "moving pictures" of the Alps and the cows. I'm so new at blogging, I'm lucky I can even post anything.
    We visited Switzerland for the first time this year. We weren't there very long but we loved it.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  • Great shots. 720th celebrations – quite a period.

  • The beauties of nature aside, I think of Appenzeller cheese!

  • Some interesting history and I like the way you showed us two seasons of Switzerland.

  • interesting post indeed!

  • Gorgeous shots … and Happy Birthday to Switzerland 🙂

  • Mountains, meadows and cowbells ringing over the valleys were definitely what I remember largely about my visit to Switzerland. The cleanliness of the areas we were in and the people we met gave a sense that this was a courteous and health conscious society. We went up the mountains in the fall and didn’t reach the snowy areas in the distant horizon. Your photo does a great job of capturing the magnificence of the country. They have much to celebrate!

  • and what about Swiss bank?

  • when i think of Switzerland, i think of Swiss watches and chocolate.:p and wonder how it is to live in a place where there is no poverty.

  • Very beautiful photos. Interesting to see so many having national day in August. Ours is on 9th August.

  • Wonderful post, Indrani! I agree about Switzerland!

  • I’ve seen some amazing photos of Switzerland lately and it’s making me want to visit and soak up all the beautiful nature. I didn’t know the history behind Switzerland’s National Day, thanks for sharing!

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