Sunset At Sunderbans

It is already May, how soon time flies! It seems as if it was just the other day I was making my vacation plans and now it pains to think vacations are over and I am back to same routine once again. The best part of vacations is the planning part; in fact the joy and excitement is more than that of actually experiencing the vacation. When the vacation is on, often you are so involved to see if things are moving as per plan, or worrying will there be delays, and with children there is something like refueling them at intervals. Finally when the vacations are over a feeling of emptiness sets in.

As I keep going through the pictures of the places visited, the frames captured make me miss the place even more. This picture of sunset at Sunderbans stirs up my heart with fond memories of the place. Water seemed liquid gold that day! Yes, after a couple of shots I just sat and stared till the sun finally disappeared.

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