Strolling in Streets of Granada, Spain

After the tour of cathedral of Granada we still had ample time before our scheduled visit to Alhambra. Walking tour through the streets was the best option then.

Streets of Granada

The facades of the buildings there had little balconies with flowering pots. Not a rare scene, yet a beautiful sight . We did enjoy our stroll through the streets of Granada. The way the souvenir stalls and tea and spices shops were lined up on both sides of streets helped us scan and browse through the variety of stuffs they had. The shop owners are open to tourists scanning through their stuffs and there was no pressure to buy it.

At one spot I was intrigued by the rows of black leather bags. On asking the sales person he explained it can be used as water bottle in broken English, at least that is what I deciphered from his speech. Of course it was out of curiosity I had asked and I had no intentions of buying, but the shopkeeper didn’t mind. The fridge magnets were mostly themed on Alhambra. Then there were colorful scarves, capes, and laces. All weren’t expensive; there will be something or other to suit your budget.

…munching on small eats

I splurged on some snacks even though I was full after the breakfast. They were as tasty as they looked. Whole beans, carrot and potato slices, all lightly salted: they were so tasty and crunchy. We bought 100gms of different varieties and it was hard to decide which was tastier. Between the four of us the whole pack vanished in no time. Only the pics remain and along with that some nice memories.

Streets of Granada

Beautiful facades lined along streets of Granada

So many different blends of tea to choose from
Tea sold on streets of Granada
Streets of Granada Souvenirs

Leather water bottles in traditional styles.

More info on these leather bags from Yogi Saraswat: The designer leather bottles are there to show but these were also present in India , infact in my area of Aligarh (UP). But now these are almost meaningless and nobody used these items. it you can give me time to tell bout it . These were actually used by water carriers mostly at the time of wheat crops in april -may to water those farmers who were working in their fields under the sunshine. in the form of cost they took some kilograms of wheat from the landlord. I was usually present there with my parents in fields but still remember.

Streets of Granada

Fridge magnets depicting Alhambra

Streets of Granada small eats

Those whole beans in their original colors were crunchy and tasty

Streets of Granada

Salt and Pepper for 5 Euros
Cathedral of Granada, Spain

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