Statue of Buddha at Belum Caves

Jains and Buddhists monks were occupying the Belum Caves of Andhra Pradesh centuries ago. Many Buddhists relics were found inside the caves. Today there is a giant Buddha Statue near a hillock near the Belum Caves.

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26 Responses

  1. Liebe Indrani, das ist eine wunderschöne Buddhastatue. Danke!

    Grüsse aus der Schweiz


  2. Sylvia K says:

    Terrific capture and how lovely the statue is against that lovely blue sky! Have a great weekend, Indrani!


  3. Vaish says:

    Can keep looking at Buddha's statue! Amazing capture with a lovely mountain backdrop!

  4. magiceye says:

    beautifully captured

  5. Carletta says:

    Lovely capture Indrani of this massive statue!

  6. Carver says:

    Fantastic shot. You had the perfect day for it too.

  7. Theanne says:

    so white against the brown earth and the blue sky!

  8. Wonderfully composed picture …

  9. ladyfi says:

    So pure and lovely!

  10. Cloudia says:

    you show us great things!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

  11. Aarti says:

    beautiful.. so much to see, within our own country!!

  12. Beautiful statue of Buddha.

    Regards and best wishes

  13. Leovi says:

    Pretty picture, yes, pretty moon, gigantic sculpture.

  14. VaishVijay says:

    Yet another magnificent Buddha!

  15. Beautiful Buddha, he sits so serene.

  16. SueAnn says:

    Beautiful and gleaming.

  17. George says:

    This is a very beautiful statue of Buddha. It looks wonderful under that blue sky.

  18. Viola says:

    Oh my.. what a wonderful Buddha sculpture! =) It's like peace surrounds the Buddha! =)

    Lovely weekend to you! 🙂

  19. Anya says:

    Such a beauty
    and the bleu sky
    the perfect shot 🙂

  20. Hilary says:

    Oh how beautiful is that! Very. 🙂

  21. Sridharan says:

    Must be really gigantic..Nice capture..

  22. Pietro says:

    Gigantic sculptue in a serene landscape. Nice shot.

  23. This is so peaceful, beautiful.

  24. The statue looks awesome. Is it ancient or contemporary ?

  25. arabesque says:

    this is another inspiring statue.
    i have only been to China and H.k but I wish i could visit this one and see it up close.. ^-^

  26. Looks graceful. Beautiful shot. There seems to be kind of competition between Buddha and Shiva. I have come across many such huge statues of Shiva at different places.

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