Start of a New Life

A leaf from my life.We are three siblings, among whom I am the eldest. I grew up hearing small lectures now and then; “your brother and sister will pick up your habits. So try and be a good child.” Moral lessons were plenty in this matter. I too took pride in setting good example to my siblings and they would look up to me as a judge of their minor squabbles. Any kind of dislike to the judgment he/she would run to a parent saying I was being partial. They would take help in studies too. All sweet memories now!

Time flew, and we moved on from toddler to girlhood days, to teenage time to adulthood! Fate took different turns for the three of us. As we stepped into our adulthood I got admission to a nearby local professional college, so I could commute from home. However my siblings had to move out of home for higher education and job while I was still commuting to my college. First the bro left for undergraduate course which left us sisters missing his company in light hearted verbal duels and pillow fights. Within a couple of years sis too left for post graduation. I always imagined moving away from home first before my younger siblings and this was complete reverse of what I had expected.

The first job that I got too was close to home. I continued to stay with parents and lucky me, I didn’t have to worry about food and laundry. But then the fairy tale ended for me too. I cleared the selection formalities of short service selection board including the medicals. I got recruited to the first batch of women technical officers for Indian Air Force. Definitely a prestigious job and a responsible one at the same time. Parents were very happy and proud of me. As the joining date approached I experienced a strange mix of feelings. Even today I can’t decide whether I was more happy or more sad then.

Leaving home for the long training period and then posting to some far flung place; for the first time in my life I felt I was tearing away something from myself. That meant leaving mom and dad till holidays and I didn’t know when that would be. It was like shedding my skin I had grown up with. Food and laundry would be taken care of I knew but henceforth it would no longer me ‘ghar ka khana’ (home cooked food). It would be ‘mess’ food. I urged my mind to keep such silly worries aside. I prepared myself to take the big plunge in life: Serve the nation! I would be going to new places and I would be meeting new people, making new friends! The excitement of joining the defence services of India was there and that feeling helped me sail through.

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