Stadtlounge (City Lounge), St. Gallen, Switzerland

Can you guess what this huge bubble is?

Walking through the streets of St. Gallen we came across this unusual red street… a very bright red street. The whole area was covered with a rubberized tennis court coating. There was a living room setting, huge tables, a pool, even a car! The whole project is the local municipality’s idea to encourage people to loiter around and chat with each other.

This modern art installation was done by Pipilotti Rist, a woman artist, and Carlos Martinez architecture firm. It was fun exploring this unique set up. So? Could you guess what that bubble is? Yes, it is the street lamp there. My only regret is, I couldn’t stay back till night to capture it lighted.

Door, St. Gallen Cathedral, Switzerland
St. Gallen Cathedral Interiors

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