St. Stephen’s Monastery, Meteora, Greece

St. Stephen’s Monastery (nunnery) on the Holy rock of Saint Stefanos includes two cathedrals; the old 16th century chapel which was severely damaged during WWII and the consequent Greek Civil War, and the 18th century main cathedral that is dedicated to Saint Charalambos. It includes his holy relics (His head). The monastery was virtually abandoned till 1961. It was accidentally discovered in the plundered and ruined state by some herders. It got converted to a nunnery after that. The second cathedral is being frescoed by a modern artist, a hagiographer (a painter that specializes in the study of saints). There is a small museum which displays Aristotle’s works, robes, old bibles, cross and more. The nunnery is being run by around 30 nuns.St. Stephen’s Monastery is the only monastery visible from the town Kalambaka. And for all pilgrims and tourists who can’t climb long flight of stairs, this monastery is a boon. The interiors are almost same in all monasteries. It is the easiest of the 5 to access with just a bridge to crossover. And since this is the easiest to access, this nunnery is the most crowded one too. It was hard to find space to stand in the gift shop and browse through the beautiful stuffs. I found the nuns here very helpful; one English speaking nun took all efforts to explain the story of these monasteries to us.

This monastery had ample space around it and they have maintained beautiful garden. They have good toilet facilities too. Tourists were spilling on to this place after touring the interiors. Amazing views of the cathedrals, view of Kalambaka town and the scenery all around. I am sure this monastery has the highest attendance of tourists; the nuns here know what makes tourists happy.!










View of Kalambaka town

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  1. Sylvia K says:

    Wonderful captures and another terrific photo visit to Greece!! Thank you so much for sharing these, Indrani!!! Hope you have a great new week!!

  2. Beautiful monastery , amazing photos.

  3. Such an impressive building! Great photos!

  4. first pic is breathtaking…..

  5. Great post, Indrani. Informative content & beautiful pics 🙂

  6. bettyl-NZ says:

    What an amazing place! Wow, I love all the artwork and architecture.

  7. Marvelous and Very Sacred. Thanks for sharing and God Bless…!

  8. Anita says:

    The location is great! Wonderful pics 🙂

  9. Truly a Great Place of Visit! Thanks for the good Narration with the beautiful Pictures of the Place!

  10. ladyfi says:

    What a gorgeous place!

  11. Such an impressive building! Great photos with detailed and informative description. I read this post in morning but could not cmnt so now.

  12. Loved this post as well as the pics Indrani!

  13. Lovely monastery and so well captured! You feel as if you're there.
    Great post Indrani.

  14. Great location in first image. For rest of the images, only one word came in mind – 'Tranquility' at its best..

  15. Great post, Indrani! The monastery is wonderful.

  16. Beautiful place Indrani. Looks so serene !

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