St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome,

27th April 2010, the itinerary of the day was St. Peter’s Basilica and Vatican Museum. I was dreading the queue I would get to see there, how long it would be before I can step in to the Basilica. I reached early I thought, but there were many tourists before me. This could easily take an hour… I was disappointed… thankfully the queue was moving.

Waiting in the queue in St. Peter’s Piazza, I scanned around and noticed there are numerous architectural details that I would have missed had I walked into the Basilica directly.

The Piazza is surrounded by tall colonnades. The obelisk there, also called “The Witness” (believed to have witnessed the crucifixion of St. Peter) is the second tallest standing obelisk. The large fountain (there is one more in the Piazza), just by the side of obelisk is GRAND. From a marked spot near the fountain the columns look aligned in one straight line. The row of statues on top of the cathedral overlooks Vatican, Rome Italy.

Seeing these and more architectural splendors in the Piazza, forty minutes of waiting hardly mattered.

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  • Lovely , thanks for sharing .

  • Good serie pictures.

    greetings, Joop

  • My family and I had waited there for more than one hour 🙁
    But as you said,
    for looking around there …
    we did also not want to miss that !!!
    Fantastic shots Indrani 🙂

  • A very fine sequence of pictures, Indrani.
    Piazza San Pietro is so majestic and powerful!

  • Marvelous series of pictures, Indrani, as always. It is such an awesome, magnificent place!! Hope you have a great week!


  • I feel like being there.Beautiful palace!

  • How wonderful. You're right, if you had gone straight in, you and your camera would have missed some wonderful opportunities. I must remember that if I find myself in a long line.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  • Such imposing columns! Your photos of Italy are always so interesting.

  • Every breath is full of art in this country. Your photos make me feel like I am there.

  • Wonderful shots. The structures are amazing.

  • awesome place isn't it? i wanna go back.

  • I didn't realize those columns were that huge. So much architectural detail on those buildings, you could spend all day photographing the exteriors.

  • amazing place!!

  • It's so good you didn't miss numerous architectural details.
    I enjoyed magnificent stone culture and history through your journey. Thank you!

  • It's really worth standing in a queue for forty minutes. Colonnade, obelisk, fountain… everything is magnificient. I enjoyed this tour with you.

  • Amazing Clicks! Thanks for the post.

  • I think it would be marvelous to see St. Peter's in person. Your pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for taking us along with you.

  • The obelisk and architecture remind me so much of Venice's PIazza de San Marco….the last shot is very nostalgic. Thanks for sharing!

    -Vienna Daily

  • Such marvellous architecture and shots! Thank goodness there was a queue…

  • Good series of scenes. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  • Hi Indrani! Happy International Women’s Day!!

  • This is a great and awesome place to visit. Queuing is a nuisance but it also gives you time to look around. Generally I turn around and do not queue. I never went up the Eiffel tower because the queues were always so long, walked instead all the way along the Seine! In Venice too I went everywhere were the tourists did not turn up, except for Murano.

  • Great photos of an area I haven't yet had the privilege of seeing.

  • Thanks for the wonderful walk down memory lane. I had forgotten about all of the statues on the roof. They were awesome to see. This is a wonderful ad beautiful series of shots.

  • Hi

    Awesome photos

    thanks & regards

  • Thanks Indrani for sharing this tour. Long ago in the dim and distant past, I walked there in 1962. It's beautiful.

  • Very impressive, a great place to visit!

  • beautiful series, very nice place and photos

  • Yogi saraswat
    2 years ago

    wow ! amazing story with amazing pictures Indrani ji !! The soldiers on the roof are looking that they are waiting for order to move . Live statues . great

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