St. Hubert Chapel, Amboise, France

St. Hubert chapel is a precious gothic gem of 1491. The lace like work on the chapel stands out clear and distinct. The arch over the entry door is a sight to pause and admire. Charles VIII built the chapel for his wife Anne de Bretagne. They are seen on the arch above the door admiring the ‘Virgin and Child’.

The panel below that depicts the story of St. Hubert’s conversion to Christianity. St. Hubert, when young, was a man of leisure and took great pleasure in hunting. But the moment he saw the crucifix on the antlers of the stag in the panel, his life changed totally. St. Hubert was considered the patron of hunting and hunters. French kings were often attracted to Amboise for hunting. You can click the above picture to see the crucifix on the antlers.

A small chapel with grand interiors, the tour inside was over quickly. Here are a couple of shots: above the altar,

One of the windows with stained glass paintings.

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