St. Gallen Cathedral, Switzerland

A short train ride from Winterthur, and we were at St. Gallen. The target destination was the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Abbey of St. Gallen. Winding our way through the pedestrian only Old Town of St. Gallen, we were soon in front of yet another beautiful façade!

This is the east façade of St. Gallen cathedral. The extraordinarily tall façade, with light streaming in through the two towers looked enchanting.

The legend associated with this cathedral is that in AD 612 Gallus fell into a briar. He then survived an encounter with a bear and got him to procure a piece of log in return for bread. With this piece of log he started building a hermitage which eventually became St. Gallen’s cathedral.

The convex facade in the north. The entrance to the cathedral was through this door in the north of the cathedral.

St. Gallen Cathedral Interiors
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