Sri Sri Ayurveda Centre, Bangalore

Most of us today are engaged in a lifestyle where businesses, communication, travel etc have become less tedious compared to what it was say half a century back. Thanks to modern gadgets! Unfortunately instead of easing life it has made the world more competitive, complex, and stressful. Several stress related diseases have crept into our lives and they are ruining lives from a very early age. People have no option but to resort to medicines.

One of the various branches of medical science is the Ayurveda. People have found solutions and remedies to their ailments in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic science has originated in India 5000 years back and it is still being practiced. Recently I was taken around the Ayurveda hospital run by Sri Sri Ravishankar ashram. Hospitals are not a happy place to visit, this too was no different. But listening to some of the success stories of Ayurvedic medicines and practices revived my drooping spirits. I was astonished to see the numerable kind of therapies and treatments available. They have doctors in almost all disciplines of medicine.

The hospital is fully functional and is sought after by just not the locals but also by many Indian and international patients. On addition to the routine childbirth cases, they handle many types of physical ailments. They even take up complex cancer cases. Though the administration feels sad that most cancer patients arrive there in the 4th stage of cancer for treatment when everybody else has given up hope. But in those cases too the ayurvedic doctors keep treating the patients. One particular case a doctor discussed with me was that of a patient with varicose veins. Her feet had turned blue and she was in a desperate condition both physically and mentally. The concerned department in the hospital took up the case; she underwent ‘leech therapy’. At the end of the course she was running around!

Their dental department boasts of painless tooth extraction. The concept of painless extraction of tooth appealed to me, I promised myself to here if I ever needed one. The leech therapy they use treat gum disorder sounded so novel to me. The leeches are first purified, they have their process of sterilizing them, after that they are placed over the inflamed gums. I was like OMG! But then if it ensures complete cure, it better be taken.

Similarly in Ophthalmic department (the departments there are named in Sanskrit and this one was named Shalakya Tantra) too they have treatments for visual defects. And they have several success stories where patients who have come with spectacles have returned with improved vision. I witnessed the process of ‘Tarpana’ on a patient. It is a modified procedure of medication where medicine is filled in the eye for a prescribed time. The mom seemed quite hopeful for her son!

(It is difficult to take pictures in a hospital due to privacy concerns. There was a graduation function for the doctors of the year 2015 batch. I witnessed them taking oath in Sanskrit.)

It is said “Faith moves mountains!” And I believe faith helps in curing your ailments too! Sri Sri Ayurveda centers are spread across the globe. The main headquarters are located across Bangalore, India; Montreal, Canada; and Germany.






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