Squirrel Watching

The latest visitor to my balcony garden is a little squirrel. It is the Indian Palm Squirrel breed more popularly known as the Three Stripped Palm Squirrel.

My daughters often scatter a few grains of wheat for the little squirrel and I am assigned the job of taking pictures of the squirrel when it comes to have them. Initially I was getting little impatient and tired of this new assignment, but soon I found this guy to be an entertaining one. This little fellow tiptoes into my balcony garden searching and sniffing for food and I lie flat, crawling on my elbows, inching forward to take good close shots.

These shots are taken through a glass pane. I am sure though the little fellow is aware of my presence, it is not able to smell me or hear my clicks, so doesn’t feel threatened. Many times I found it staring at me, noticing my slow and steady advancing movements and those were my moments of delight for photography. I will be posting more on this, as this little one has become our new wild pet, coming and going at its will.


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36 Responses

  1. Anu says:

    I just love the term 'wild pet'… u have given me a wonderful idea to keep my son occupied… he has been pestering me for a pet for quite a while now… and the pics are lovely!!!

  2. Good one. you'll find dozens of squirrels in Agra fort campus…

  3. Gingi says:

    last one is fantastic
    wonderful post and pics.

    your post reminds of few acrobatic squirrels in my neighborhood doing the balancing act on the cables. haven't been successful in taking the shot

  4. Awesome post.. My daughter was very thrilled… This week she is a squirrel in her school play.. Arent they so cute..

  5. radha says:

    I find squirrels entertaining too. And my daughter wonders why. Since I am mortally afraid of rodents and the squirrel belongs to the rodent family. But squirrels are known to be the cleanest of the rodent family and they do not venture into homes, perhaps that is why they do not worry me. Lovely pictures.

  6. slommler says:

    Great pictures! And what an adorable squirrel!!

  7. eileeninmd says:

    It is a cute squirrel, with its three stripes. Great photos!

  8. Tink *~*~* says:

    LOL, in that first pic, he looks like he's break dancing 🙂

    Happy Critturday,
    Tink *~*~*

  9. Snap says:

    He's a cutie. Love the stripes!

  10. YOSEE says:

    What a delightful little fellow ! Loved that handstand he's trying out in Pic- 1.

    Had a similar "wild pet" in my younger days. It was always fascinating to watch the mercurial speed with which he chomped on food or twitched his nose !

  11. Samson says:

    Wonderful post and pictures, the last shot is awesome

  12. LOL….I could almost say it was very difficult scrolling down to view the rest…the first one is just too good for words!

    My CC—She's not a NINJA turtle!! I do hope you can stop by to visit with me.

    Have a great weekend.

  13. Andrée says:

    Those are fantastic photos! That squirrel is beautiful. At first, I thought it was our chipmunk, but I read what it is. You're lucky to have this little guy!


  14. George says:

    These are very neat pictures of your wild pet. I look forward to seeing more of your pictures of the squirrel in the future.

  15. Anya says:

    for the smile Indrani
    I need it :))))))
    Love your squirril shots 🙂
    (I am not blogging at the moment
    but your post is sooooooo cute !!!)
    It makes me a little happy ..

  16. Lovely shots Indrani!! I too have been taking squirrrel pictures and saw this picture on Mysore Blog Park, and realised you are the photographer! 🙂

    The third one is the cutest! Looks like there is some eye contact here 🙂

  17. CherylK says:

    I'm late reading this but what a cool idea! That first shot of the squirrel in motion is wonderful.

  18. Lovely post! And it brought back a lot of memories of our own "wild pet" squirrels, one of whom would show up at our dining room window at precisely 7.45 a.m. when my father was breakfasting, share some of the scraps he gave her and then scamper off.
    The Indian Palm Squirrels are great fun to watch, aren't they?

  19. The third pic is just marvelous.

  20. Wow Indrani..Lovely Captures..I guess the squirrel was also happy being clicked

  21. Nice…loved the last one.

  22. amasc says:

    You got some great shots, I love the first with the squirrel doing a handstand. Wildlife photography from the comfort of your own home could be the new Next Big Thing.

  23. just loved the 3rd pic !

  24. Lovely pictures. There's something cute about squirrels and your shots capture that cuteness.

  25. CYNOSURE says:

    you left me with a smile 🙂

  26. So cute pictures. Squirrels are good pets and kids (including older kids)love watching them

  27. So cute pictures. Squirrels are good pets and kids (including older kids)love watching them

  28. I see some love in those eyes trained at you in the last one. Or maybe, a little thank you for the wonderful shots you took. 🙂 Great going, Indrani!

  29. How cute!
    Loved the last click!

  30. bushra M says:

    Awww! Lovely snaps! The squirrel is so cute 🙂

  31. Raj Dalvi says:

    those are nice really shots!!!!

  32. Shaivi says:

    Loved the last click!

  33. preethi says:

    that is just adorable…loved the last picture 🙂

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