Squirrel Watching

The latest visitor to my balcony garden is a little squirrel. It is the Indian Palm Squirrel breed more popularly known as the Three Stripped Palm Squirrel.

My daughters often scatter a few grains of wheat for the little squirrel and I am assigned the job of taking pictures of the squirrel when it comes to have them. Initially I was getting little impatient and tired of this new assignment, but soon I found this guy to be an entertaining one. This little fellow tiptoes into my balcony garden searching and sniffing for food and I lie flat, crawling on my elbows, inching forward to take good close shots.

These shots are taken through a glass pane. I am sure though the little fellow is aware of my presence, it is not able to smell me or hear my clicks, so doesn’t feel threatened. Many times I found it staring at me, noticing my slow and steady advancing movements and those were my moments of delight for photography. I will be posting more on this, as this little one has become our new wild pet, coming and going at its will.


Cassowary at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

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