Spreuerbrucke Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland

About 400m from the famous Kapellbruecke Bridge or Chapel Bridge is another covered wooden bridge, the Spreuerbrucke Bridge.

Spreuerbrucke Bridge in Lucerne

Built in 1408 it formed a part of the outer fortification of the city of Lucerne in medieval times. There is a small chapel in the middle, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which was added in 1568. This bridge too has paintings in its ceilings but the theme is different.

Spreuerbrucke Bridge in Lucerne

Paintings in Spreuerbrucke Bridge

The paintings were based on the theme ‘17th Century plague ‘The Black Death’’. The theme is that it does not matter who you are—man and woman, child, priest, warrior, prince, wiseman, a young bride, a devout nun, a lawmaker, a hunter, a craftsman, everyone—you were at the mercy of the Plague, at the mercy of Death itself.

These paintings begin at the northern bank side with a little verse:

All living things that fly or leap
Or crawl or swim or run or creep
Fear Death, yet can they find no spot
In all the world where Death is not.

Between 1626 and 1635 Kaspar Meglinger added 67 paintings representing the “Dance of Death”

There is another one modern bridge over the River Rheuss with metal railing. We enjoyed walking across all the three; two historical, one modern.

Kapellbrücke Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland

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