Speyer, Germany

Speyer doesn’t sound very significant from tourism point of view, except that it has a huge Romansque cathedral dating back from 10th century listed in Unesco World Heritage site. And since we were traversing through upper Rhine-Neckar valley while targeting to reach Heidelberg from Strasbourg, we decided NOT to give this place a miss.

Yes, as expected we saw the church spires from far, the four bell towers of the giant Kaiserdom dominated the skyline. A neat and clean city with everything in its place and had no sign of disorderliness at all; this was so prominently bold that I had to make a mention of it here. History too seems to have been smooth, with no destruction from WWs.

The cathedral here is so refreshing very different from the usual gothic structures I had been seeing. The cathedral has the pride of place in the main square of Speyer facing down the main street of the city, an imposing sight! The thick heavy columns, a gallery that encircles the whole building, interiors enhanced in 19th century with neo-Romanesque decorative paintings and large historical panels. In 1957, a massive restoration work was undertaken; we now get to see the restored form of the 10th century cathedral.

Other sights sought after sight by the tourists were the Domnapf and the Altpörtel. In front of the cathedral stands the Domnapf. This is a huge bowl or font which has a capacity of 1560 litres of water. A gate with tower located at the other end of Maximilianstraße, in the opposite direction of the cathedral. It is one of the few parts that are left of the medieval city walls.

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