Sparty at Ema Spa, Bangalore

A Sunday well spent assures a good positive start to the week! Last Sunday was something like that for me and for some more blogger friends of mine. We were hosted by Ema Trinidad for a ‘sparty’ (yes that is what a party is called when it is held at a spa.) Ema has been successfully running 2 spas in Bangalore.

The S2Spa, Ema Spa at Indiranagar, Bangalore is a product of her 17 years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry. Here she has fused Western science with Eastern knowledge.  She believes in a holistic approach in achieving “Youthful Aging” – “how we look outside is a manifestation of what is happening inside us, which is also greatly influenced by what we do from the outside.” She shared with us the principles and techniques of this holistic approach.

My Experience at Ema Spa

The spa room ambience was soothing with relaxing aromas and nerve calming music. That first step into her spa drifted us to a different world. The next three hours there we were pampered to core. Her staff, who are trained by her, carried out foot reflexology and facial massage on us. We submitted ourselves like babies to them and they pressed and ran their nimble but strong fingers on the pressure points along the energy lines! Did we feel rejuvenated after that? As I said at the start of this post… the week definitely is turning out good and I am sure it will take some more time for fatigue to hit us!

Foot massage Ema Spa

Ema spa is well equipped with latest gadgets for facials which are gentle on skin yet leave a lasting effect.

“If there is but one treatment that you can try from our service menu, I highly recommend our facial.  No one else in India does the kind of facial treatments that we do. It’s a fusion of Western science and Eastern techniques, borne out of my more than 15 years of experience in the skincare industry.”– Ema Trinidad

She offers different kinds of treatment depending on the type of skin you have. And for the five of us she had different facials done. I got their signature wrinkle iron facial which to a large extent has reduced my eye bags. They have a list of facials which goes something like this:

  • Signature Wrinkle Iron Facial (90 to 120 mins)
  • RJV Express Wrinkle Iron Facial (60 to 90 mins)
  • Skin Tightening Facial (75 mins)
  • Acne Medi-Facial (75 mins)
  • Winter Facial (45 mins)
  • Young Skin Basic Facial (45 mins)
  • Signature Skin Lightening Facial (85 mins)
  • Walnut Body Polishing & Intense Moisturising (2 hrs)
  • Skin Lightening and Smoothening for Specific Areas

faces Collage Ema Spa
Her spa massages are different she claims.  “We do a proper client consultation prior to every treatment. We assess your physical condition and relevant medical history, and understand how we can deliver your desired outcome. Our therapists are scientifically trained and experienced in body therapy. We are result-oriented. We measure our effectiveness with the results we deliver. We observe international standards in hygiene and spa maintenance.” Reasons good enough for consultation and visit I say!

And while we were getting the massages done, Ema pampered us with wine, green tea, crunchy nutritious Vietnamese Chicken Salad. She prepared a delicious lunch for us, the national dish of the Philippines “Filipino Chicken Adobo”. It was tasty, juicilicious, flavorful… the sparty did end finally! It will be a long time before these memories erase off my heart!
Ema Spa saladEma Spa birthday

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