Why you should Keep that Spare Mobile Phone

There are some things that people buy just to impress people they dislike! One of those “some things” today is a smartphone!

Do you have spare mobile phone?

Just a decade back the impressive commodity was plain mobiles. Times change; today mobiles are a necessity. Mobiles are today a ‘must have’ gadget of life! This is more because of safety concerns. Some are known to possess more than one.

Recently a friend narrated how the usage of 2 phones saved her relative’s life. He kept one in his pocket and the other under the seat of his car. Obviously being a business man he faced a threat of robbery. And since he had to travel out of the city often he felt safe with the second phone. Sadly one night his fear of robbery came true and at knife point he was robbed off all his belongings, his car and he was thrown off the car. It is interesting how the active mobile under his seat helped police track down the highway robbers. Many people do go in for one or two mobiles. However they don’t invest heavily on the spare mobile phone.

Why you should keep that spare mobile phone

Mobile Phones in your Budget

In the past couple of years there has been a drastic increase in the number of devices launched in smartphone and mobile sector. The market for mobile phones is good. Moreover all leading companies like Nokia, Samsung, Sony and more, have successfully judged the pulse of Indian consumers very well. They have dished out handsets catering various price ranges suiting the different pocket capacities of customers. While keeping the price factor in mind they have also provided different useful features suiting to different kind of job or passion or hobby profiles. A traveler for example can get a good smart phone in the price range of Rs.10,000 to 15,000 which has good camera features.

Wild times has just begun! Common man today sees it as trivial as tele-screens. Youngsters use it to see what their friends have posted. And with free internet students are going to use it as a tool for help in studies. With the launch of more and more free apps people are recognizing the potential of handsets to get connected in communities. The country is witnessing a mad rush to buy these little machines to stay connected.

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18 Responses to “Why you should Keep that Spare Mobile Phone

  • Yes there is a mad explosion of smart phone users today.What a revolution ! My clothes ironing guy, my maid servant & my vegetable vendor owned smart phones before I bought one :)In fact I was compelled by my daughter to buy one. But now I and my smart phone are inseparable.

  • There is mad rush especially by youngsters to possess smart phones.In fact for lower strata of society phones help them to cater to more customers who need their services.

  • Though smart phones have some bad effects it has made life easier. Can get most of the things done sitting at one place.

  • Nice post Indrani. The mobile has brought in a digital revolution in India …though even today the penetration of mobiles in the country is quite less and there is still a huge scope for scaling up.

  • What you said is 100% right as I see my daughter, a Teacher by profession continuously using Whatapp to teach her students beyond the class hrs… I invariably kept a stand-by smart phone ready for her in case her phone is lost so that she would not be held up in her work…. Nicely said!

  • Great write, Indrani!

  • What a sea-change these gadgets have brought about in our life. Sometimes I prefer not to carry one, life is so much better that way 🙂

  • Very true Indrani, I migrated late to smart phones but I am now quite used to them!

  • Wonder what technology can and cannot do. Glad your friends tormentors were caught and car recovered.

  • Initially, I hesitated using a smart phone as it get obsolete very soon with new features emerging in market but now I can't live without it 😛

  • Yeah…. Smart phones have made life easier!!

  • A wonderful post, Indrani. Yeah smart phones have made our life easier.
    At the same time, it provokes us to change our phones so frequently with the launch of a new smart phone which has far more exciting features than the last one.

  • Nice post Indrani. Mobile phones now are really an extended part of our body, especially to the Gen Y or as they say now, more advanced Gen Alpha…

  • nice post ! mobile is surely going to change everything !

  • Nice post! The smartphones have actually transformed the lives of people of all generations!

  • Mobiles has made our struggle easier. To stay connected is an easy thing now. How good to know that your the robbers were tracked. What all technology can do when rightly used.

  • I see a mobile as less of a phone and more of a number of other things like a book, a newspaper, a magazine, a radio, a television, a guide when I am going to a new place, an assistant who keeps reminding me of what I am supposed to do, an alarm, a clock, a retail shop, a reservation counter … etc etc.

    Mobile phones have a number of features, but many people don't make use of all of them.

    If we do make use of most of them, then the money we invest in the mobile is well worth it.

  • Who said its a gadget? It’s your ‘separable limb’ now. just joking 😉

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