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Can’t believe 5 days of my Spain travel is over! The days were hectic with lots of drives and sightseeing.

 Day 1 – Barcelona mesmerized us with its pleasant weather! The walking tour sapped us of our energy but not not our enthusiasm for the touristy sights. By the time we completed our dinner and hit the bed we didn’t realise we were wake for whole 24hrs!

Day 2 – It was a long drive from Barcelona to Granada (>850kms) which was warmer by a few degrees comparatively but equally beautiful with spring flowers coloring up the roadsides.

Day – 3 Granada is GRAND! While the sights in streets and the cathedrals enthralled us, the interiors of Alhambra stunned us to silence. We drove to Seville that same night.

Day – 4 With Seville as base,we drove to Cordoba to see the Mezquita. I will never regret this hectic travel. Each site surpasses the other in terms of beauty and grandeur! And of course we had lots of local food. The same evening we returned to Seville and witnessed a live Flamenco dance. The grace and energy in their movements mesmerized us beyond words.

Day – 5 We drove to Merida, then to Elvas in Portugal. Elvas is a very quite town, the most striking factor the town is painted yellow. After spending 3 hours in Elves we drove to Evora, by then it was late in the evening. Sunset time here is 9PM, so woth so much daylight time we could do lots of walking tours.

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