Spain Sights 2

The last phase of our travel, the last 6 days well spent in Spain. Tomorrow I leave for home, Bangalore. Here are a few pics from the last 6 days.

Night 10 – Most memorable evening of Spain was at Salamanca Square. The entire lit up square looked magical. I spent one night in one of the hotels in the square.

Day 11 – From Salamnca we left for Avila, a walled city. The fort walls standing tall and mighty. The next halt was at Segovia. We visited the palace here. The aqueduct is very impressive here.

Day 12 – From Segovia we drove to El Escorial, which a huge palace of Kings of Spain. It took almost 2 hours to tour the place. The next halt was at Toledo, the cathedral here has extremely beautiful interiors. More detailed post to follow.

Day 13 – The day spent in walks of Madrid, the palace and a museum for paintings. The rule of ‘no photography in the museum and palace upset-ed me a lot.

Day 14 – This day was spent mostly in driving from Madrid to Barcelona, a distance of +500kms, with a brief halt at Zaragoza for lunch break. I made a quick visit to the cathedral here.

Day 15 and 16 – exclusively for Barcelona! We visited the beach, Picasso’s museum, Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s home, Casa Mila, a private residence designed by Gaudi.

We are so tired with so much walking, but the sights we got to see kept reviving our spirits and our eyes were hungry for more.

Salamanca Square at night

The city walls of Avila

A street scene from Toledo

Policemen on horseback in Madrid.

A scene from Zaragoza.

The house in the middle designed by Antoni Gaudi

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