Shopping Gifts and Souvenirs from Cordoba, Spain

So what souvenirs from Cordoba did I get as reminder of my great experience in Cordoba? Read on to see their wonderful handicraft products on display.

What Souvenirs to Buy from Cordoba

Souvenirs are plenty and it was not easy choosing just a couple of items to bring back home.
Key rings and postcards, you will find them in plenty.
Cordoba souvenir shops have ‘flamenco dance’ associated handicraft items in plenty.
In addition to those you will find clothes, hats, fans available in different sizes, colors and prices.
Music lovers and guitarists seek locally made guitars.
Then there are plenty of stuffs and accessories made of leather, stuffs like wall ornaments, bracelets and more.
Cordoba specializes in souvenirs made of ceramics and leather works.
Arabs introduced leather work skills in 8th century. Since then, this art is flourishing in Cordoba.

Besides the traditional stuffs, modern gift items too are available. Most impressive among all display pieces were their artwork on local glazed pottery and their silver jewelry. The ceramic stuffs had such amazing designs and colors. Many of them had the red and white arches of Mezquita made on them. The streets near Mezquita are dotted with best places for shopping in Cordoba. While walking there I resisted my craving to pick up those wonderful souvenirs. Such tempting displays! Each shop boasting and competing with their displays. Hunt around a little and you will find the maker himself!

Souvenirs from Cordoba
Souvenirs from Cordoba clocks
Silver jewelry through glass pane. Sorry for the reflections.
Souvenirs from Cordoba silver jewelery
Souvenirs from Cordoba antique hairpin

A hair pin, many centuries old; I found this as a display piece in a Jewish museum there.

Souvenirs from Cordoba

I picked up these.




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