Skiing in Switzerland

Skiing in the mountain slopes of Alps would have been ‘a dream’ come true. But that was not to be!

Firstly we were not prepared. When we left from India, Switzerland was not in our itinerary. To our surprise the people at AVIS from whom we hired our car told us: you can travel anywhere in Europe with the car. We made quick changes in our plan, we cut short our Milan trip and added Switzerland. Fortunately hotel bookings were available in a day’s notice. So we were totally unprepared clothing wise. Skiing was out of question, since bookings for that too had to be made. I don’t know why all tourists were touring Lucerne the same day.

Anyways I managed to take some ski related shots, not exactly content with the shots, wish I could take some close action shots then. Watching them from the revolving aerial car was less than satisfying. Switzerland has whole range of adventure sports. If you are wild at heart, a little bit of planning can help you have loads of fun there. And this ski patterns on the snow made an interesting subject matter for my lens.

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