Visit to Sinquerim Fort and Beach, Goa

There is almost no crowd in Sinquerim Fort compared to what we get to see at the Aguada Fort. There is decent parking space and not many shacks. Water sports facilities are there and we saw just one counter catering to the public here.

Sinquerim Fort

Sinquerim Fort  is a little lesser known fort among the forts of Goa located in North Goa. It was constructed in the year 1612 and is the lower extension of the better known fort, the Aguada Fort. It consists of a bastion and a section of fortified wall on both sides. Sinquerim Fort served as a safe berth for Portuguese ships.

Sinquerim Fort

The beach is less rough here and lot cleaner too. The fort bisects the shoreline into two and probably because of this extension the waves loose the intensity by the time they hit the beach. Water sports is good here, at least one doesn’t have to wait for long because of less crowds compared to Baga beach and Candolim beach.

Water sports facilities


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