Sights on Road

Driving through the roads of Italy we came across some interesting sights. I mean not the ones on either side of the roads but the ones on the road. All kinds of vehicle were driving by at great speed. We rarely took the leftmost lane; we were never in a hurry. So that gave me enough opportunity to spot the interesting sights, trail them and take a couple or more shots. This post is one on cars.

Cars we have seen, even the single ones being carried on a truck, very common in India too. When I started spotting trucks with more number of cars I started to think about them as interesting blogpost pictures. Four cars all stacked in a line neatly, the last one sloping downwards a bit.

Arunabha knew what was working in mind and took a bit closer each time I pointed such a truck and I used to get into my clicking spree. Here is one more with eight cars. Not always the cars were new. Some of the trucks carried badly damaged and smashed cars. Traffic here in Bangalore is chaotic, and it is not often that we travel on highways here. So sights like these were definitely something for me to shoot and freeze.

This is my entry for Thursday Challenge Photo Theme which is “METALLIC” (Metal, Shiny, Mirror, Clothes, Cars, Jewelry,…). To view what others have for today, click here.

Mount Titlis, Switzerland
Castlegrande, Bellinzona

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