Sights from Evora, Portugal

From Elvas we started off for Evora, another Unesco World Heritage site of Portugal. The distance of 88kms didn’t take even an hour. We hoped to make it to the cathedrals before they closed, but after finally hunting down the hotel and a decent parking it was past 5 in the evening. Sunset for the day was at 9pm; with 4 hours of daylight hours to kill we loitered around leisurely through the streets of Evora. But first, here is a view of the road connecting Elvas and Evora. Imagine the thrill we had to drive through this road!!!

Road to Evora from Elvas

The streets we walked through seemed so similar to those in Elvas, only they were more populated and had more cafes. The walls were painted yellow in the lower part and the up and down sloping cobbled streets were neat and clean. Our hotel was located on the Giraldo Square, the main square of Evora.

Evora StreetsSanto Antao on Giraldo squareYou can’t miss the famous landmark of Evora – The Roman Temple! Standing tall since 1st century BC, this is slowly crumbling away, yet it is impressive with the 14 columns that has withstood the test of time.

Roman Temple Evora 2

Statue of Dr. Barahona, in Evora.

Statue in EvoraView of Evora Town

Evora TownSkyWatch Friday


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47 Responses

  1. Fly Girl says:

    Such lovely vistas! I have been longing to go to Portugal, especially since I’ve visited former colonies like Brazil and Macau and the setting looks very similar.

  2. Prasad Np says:

    Beautiful place…. I sometime wonder how they keep their cities and monuments so clean ..

    • Indrani Ghose says:

      Yes, indeed! Beautiful neat and clean!
      People there are more responsible and conscious towards their surroundings!
      Thank you Prasad. 🙂

  3. sylviakirk says:

    I love your captures for the day!! Such beautiful skies! And lovely memories for me as I spent time in Portugal visiting a relative who lived there for a number of years. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. Another lovely documentation of your trip. May I ask how you select your destinations?

    • Indrani Ghose says:

      Hi Photo Cache, I usually prefer to visit the Unesco heritage sites, old places with crumbling ruins. So the itinerary is fixed with these places in mind.
      Thank you. 🙂

  5. Peter B says:

    Looks like a beautiful place to visit with some great history!!

  6. Jim says:

    As blue as my sky.

  7. ladyfi says:

    Lovely shots. I do love Portugal!

  8. Pietro and Cynthia says:

    Great views, Indrani, so interesting!

  9. Gunilla says:

    Looks like a wonderful place to visit! I love the Roman temple.

  10. Cloudia says:

    The Roman temple stands out in a great post


  11. HELLooooooooooooooooo , and this is a lovely place tooo ..

    you been travelling a lot , I want to do tooooooooooooooo


  12. Eileen says:

    Hello Indrani, I do enjoy following your travels. So many pretty sights to see.
    The square, temple and statue are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing your visit.

    Happy Friday, have a great weekend!

  13. Wonderful shots with shose clear blue skies.
    Thank for sharing and enjoy your weekend.

  14. Linja says:

    I’ve never been to Portugal. I am enjoying your tour!

  15. Arun says:

    That was an awesome road to drive. Those pillars look beautiful.

  16. magiceye says:

    Beautifully captured as always!!

  17. Yogi saraswat says:

    Beautiful place Indeed. I sometime amazed how they keep their cities and monuments so clean ? In our country it is a dream still but can hope something will change a day .

  18. postcard pictures..:) lovely write up!

  19. It’s awesome gal 🙂

  20. Lovely Snaps. Lovely place!! Lovely write up!! 🙂

  21. Ruchi says:

    nice!, These pictures are treat to eyes.

  22. Ami says:

    I love the statue with the sculpted woman looking up…amazing!

  23. Breathtaking views… your pictures never crease to amaze me 🙂

  24. Mridula says:

    The place looks so so so beautiful!

  25. David says:


    Do you ever feel that one city is a bit indistinguishable from any other city in Europe?

    • Indrani Ghose says:

      You are right most of them look similar. Here in Portugal, Elvas and Evora too looked like twins.

  26. wow…the Evora town looks great. Beautiful pictures, dear 🙂

  27. dNambiar says:

    Ruins have a charm of their own. Ah! look a that temple!!
    Lovely sights — the cobblestone path, the architecture… all of it.
    I like your road photo too. 🙂

  28. Hema says:

    What stunning pictures! I’m excited about my upcoming trip to Portugal and Spain! Mind if I send you a private message? I’d love to get some travel tips from you!

  29. Never guessed Portugal would be so interesting.And their cleanliness–it is impressive.

  30. Sri Kri says:

    Thanks a lot for the lovely virtual tour.Will ask your suggestions while planning a trip here:).

    Sriram & Krithiga

  31. Ashwini says:

    Oh my God! Amazing pics 🙂 Loved the aerial view of the town. Very nice 🙂

  32. Great snaps and post. Your posts have made me an arm-chair traveler! 🙂

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