Sights around Matthias Church, Buda Hill

The Buda castle hill is a great place to walk around, many old buildings and sights. The cobblestone streets here are maintained from the medieval times. The view of Danube River from here is the best.

The sight of a raven holding a golden ring attracted my attention and also of many other photographers around. I read later that King Matthias took raven as a symbol for his signet sign. The story behind this choice is that: a raven had carried off the ring which the king had removed from his finger. He chased the bird down, slew him and retrieved his ring. In commemoration of this incident he took raven as the symbol for his signet sign. And the raven is there for centuries, holding the ring in its beak!

On top of the old fortress wall is the Fishermen’s Bastion. It is a recent construction, dating to 1895 – 1902. It is named so because according to customs that existed then, this part of the fort was protected by fishermen’s guild during the Middle Ages. There are seven towers, each symbolizing the seven chieftains who conquered the land for Hungarians.

The statue depicts the first king of Hungary, St. Stephen.

Olomouc Astronomical Clock, Czech Republic
'A' Bridge

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