Sighting the Supermoon in Bangalore, November 2016

Supermoon, the name itself is exciting, but why this name for November 2016’s moon? This November 2016’s full moon was special; it was closest to Earth, brightest and biggest. The last time this phenomenon occurred was in 1948 and the next this will happen will be on 2034. Not sure if I will be alive till then, I thought I better capture this rare occurrence. May be my (future) grandkids will love to see these captures of their grandmom!



supermoon in Bangalore

Silver Oak Tree leaves against Super Moon in Bangalore, November 2016

Super Moon from my Balcony

It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be! Capturing the moon with well defined craters is little tricky. The very first capture came with a halo around it. Obviously handheld camera would never give the desired results. Out came the very rarely used camera tripod and also my zoom lens – Sigma 150-500m F 5-6.3 with optical stabilizer APO DG OS.

I positioned it in my balcony. The moon was clearly visible, but it had risen quite high and it had just the silvery sheen. The red glow had vanished. Orange-red glow is caused due to changes in Earth’s atmosphere. Too much pollution in atmosphere too could be a reason. In parts of New Delhi, where the pollution levels are high now, the supermoon had its red glow even when it was quite high above the horizon.

Framing the Supermoon in Bangalore

I was told just capturing the moon wasn’t enough; the foreground too should be good and noteworthy. To get a supermoon in Bangalore with famous land mark would have been easy, it just required a little planning. But the traffic deterred me. Now, there is no mention worthy building where I stay which could make an excellent prop for moon. After several attempts I got the silver oak tree leaves drooping over the moon. The sharp edges of the leaves made a good silhouette.


Later I realized my camera was set in JPEG mode and I had no pictures in RAW format. So the next morning I attempted to capture the moon set. I did get some decent captures in RAW format. Unfortunately as the moon went rolling down to horizon there were dark clouds and with that went my dreams of a good moon set capture. Cloudy conditions that morning hampered my chances of capturing the super moon set.

According to moon calendar of 2016 the next full moon is on December14th. This too will be a supermoon.

supermoon in Bangalore

Pictures of Super Moon as seen on night of 14th November night to 15th November morning 2016.

Some Trivia on Super Moon

  • November Moon is also called The Beaver Moon.
  • At this time of year the beavers are busy preparing for winter. It’s that time when they set beaver traps and secure a store of warm fur before the swamps freeze over. Some tribes called this the Frosty Moon.
  • A supermoon is a full moon closely coinciding with perigee – the moon’s closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit.
  • Astrologer, Richard Nolle, coined the term supermoon over 30 years ago.
  • The moon in November 2016 was 221,524 miles from Earth.


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  • I heard so much about this super moon. I have not been checking it here in Stockholm. But on instagram I saw pictures of it everwhere. And now again on your blog. The photo’s are gorgeous and it’s beautiful how nature has these kind of special events like the super moon.

  • Brilliant captures of the super moonn.

  • Awesome pics . Thanks for the informative post.

  • It was really quite a sight to behold and I am thankful that I was able to see the supermoon with my boys that night. It was just a shame, though, that I was not able to get a decent photo with my mobile phone camera. Hopefully I can get a better camera the next time we encounter the supermoon. I have always loved the moon and it is a source of great joy to see it in its perch at night time, whether it is a supermoon or not.

  • Lots of beautiful captures here! I like the silhouette shot.

  • Saw many pictures of super moon this year. I did not find it very attractive seeing with naked eyes. So I gave up the idea of shooting super moon. Great that you went ahead. Nice Pics!

  • Maniparna Sengupta Majumder
    1 year ago

    Wow! Amazing captures… 🙂

  • Wow – fabulous moon shots!

  • i love it!!!!!! amazing photos. I always love the supermoon! Thanks for sharing

  • Amazingly beautiful shots especially the one with Silver Oak leaves!

  • These are such great pictures, Indrani. My favorite the one with Silver Oak leaves.

  • I’ve seen very beautiful photos of the Supermoon! It truly is lovely and poetic. It’s a regret that I was in transit during its peak showing. It will take years again before it happens.

  • Awesome pics… Actually there is one on 14th December also .. may be not this big but Supermoon anyways

  • Wonderful shots of the supermoon. I have missed it all, because it was too cloudy overhere.

  • Very nice shots and an informative post.

  • Awesome shots! We didn’t really get a nice view of it here in the PH, but it sure was super bright that night!

  • These are such great photos. I have always felt a special connection during full moons to nature. I loved reading this!

  • Wow ! The pictures you captured are incredible

  • Breathtaking captures!

  • Foreground or not, you did a fabulous job capturing the Supermoon! I love the various effects and the way you framed the moon. Nicely done! Thank you for sharing with the SWF team and have a spectacular weekend!

  • I really struggled to get a decent picture so well done! Was a special moment in history, that’s for sure.

  • Wow, you certainly did your research and were rewarded with some amazing photos! I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t even see it – forgot the whole thing was happening but your photos bring it to life!

  • The moon is definitely one of the most gorgeous things you can stare at… I’d stare at the sun but ya know, that just doesn’t work. Thank you for sharing this… amazing photos!

  • I had lit earthen lamps on that night in the nearby forest. Thanks for this

  • Yogi Saraswat
    1 year ago

    May be my (future) grandkids will love to see these captures of their grandmom! hahaha . Really exciting

  • Wow , what a moon shots! Amazing !

  • Very nice photos! I would have loved to see the super moon but it was so dark and cloudy here it was not possible. I had taken photos years ago of the eclipse and they turned out spectacular.

  • Great Pics!! There was a lot of talk about it here.

  • Beautiful. The moon and the leaves one is the best.

  • Awesome photography, Indrani!!! Love them! Thanks for the information too 🙂 I will try not to miss December Supermoon 🙂

    TC, keep smiling 🙂

  • That’s a whole lot information with absolute photos. Awesome post Indrani!

  • Beautiful pictures! I just stared at all of them in awe. I was able to see the moon, but not that up close. These pictures are indeed very breathtaking! I also didn’t know the supermoon will be back by Dec 14th. Can’t wait for it! 🙂

  • Love your photos, sad to say was not able to take a pic since my phone is lowbat. I don’t know also if I am still alive to the next supermoon. But even without photos was able to see it in person.

  • That is a great capture. For someone like me, even if I have a rudimentary knowledge of capturing shots, but without the right lens, that is impossible. Anyway, the supermoon did offer a great opportunity for people to go watch it, talk about it, and then go on with their lives.

    So, to be honest, all those times I was hiding in the house writing and/or watching the news. 🙂

  • Nice facts on the occurrence. I too got mostly overexposed moon on that day and was trying lot to get detail using my powershot sx220 hs but only found when transferred to computer

  • This is one of the many things my dad and I share a passion for. Some of my friends mounted their smartphones on the viewfinder of the camera to get a better look or the viewfinder of a telescope. These are those moments that you can share with your friends and family and look back several decades from now like how we were excited back then when we know there’s a solar eclipse.

  • Great capture! I was trying to get the perfect shot too but it was too cloudy here in the Philippines at that time. Too bad. But that’s alright I guess.. at least I was able to still witness a once in a lifetime event.

  • Your one of the lucky ones who were able to capture the supermoon. I was trying to get the perfect shot too but it was too cloudy here in the Philippines at that time. Too bad. But that’s alright I guess.. at least I was able to still witness a once in a lifetime event.

  • This is such a great information! Thank you for sharing this with us. I wish I could have photographed as nice as what you did. Perhaps, someday, I can also purchase a camera with good quality and make good photos too.

  • I was inside home when supermoon was there. hahaha! didn’t get the chance to see it though personally because I know there will be too many photographs of it. Though initially, I’ve seen it before the day itself.

  • I missed the supermoon last November. I’m so glad I get to see amazing snaps from friends and from this blog. Your photos of the supermoon is outstanding. Hope I can catch the next one.

  • Your photos are awesome! I liked the one that is partly covered by leaves. I have several shots too, using my Lumia and an improvised lens. But it’s cloudy in Manila and the display was interrupted several times by rain showers. But we’ve managed to get some descent shots, at least 🙂

  • Wow! The Super moon was much more beautiful than I thought it was. Amazing photos. Back here in the Philippines, The view of the moon wasn’t as big and as elegant as it it was there. Great photography. You’re really skilled. ❤️

  • Good pictures! I love how you layered the silhouette of the leaves as the foreground. =)

  • i tried my very best to take a decent picture of the supermoon but i failed haha i think i really should learn the proper setting to capture it perfectly. u had it well!!!

  • i tried my very best to take a decent picture of the supermoon but i failed haha i think i really should learn the proper setting to capture it perfectly. u had it very well!!!

  • Awesome!!! A lot of my friends saw the supermoon as well. I didn’t though. So sadddd that I missed it! I’ll have to wait for the next one, mmm when will that be?? Hehe

  • I was really disappointed when it was announced that the supermoon will be visible by 14th and 15th of November. We experienced heavy rain during the said dates and that, zero visibility on our end – that was for the entire Cebu! My friends who live in Manila and other places were able to capture good shots. Anyhow, glad that cyber world is there.

  • Beautiful pics. I wish I had clicked some too. It looked even more beautiful the next day.

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