Siena Cathedral, Italy

Siena’s Cathedral built in 12th century is yet another fine example of Italian architecture. This monument too is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Originally the construction was started with the intention of building it as the largest cathedral, but the project was abandoned as it ran out of money.

The façade is beautiful, filled with detailed carvings, and mixes of various colored marbles have been used. The arches over the doors had those kinds of carvings as if they have been twisted like ropes, very similar to the type I had seen in Florence cathedral. The gargoyles looked like they were about to leap out of the walls. The large central mosaic, the Coronation of the Virgin, is the work of Luigi Mussini, made in Venice in 1878.

The interiors were equally mesmerizing. Sorry, no photographs. The circular window has stain glass panel which depicts The Last Supper. The gilded dome glows like golden sun. See more pictures in this wiki link.

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