Shopping in Evora, Portugal

Evora is famous for its Unesco World Heritage Site status. Evora is famous for the Chapel of Bones too. Beyond these sight seeing places Evora is famous for some unique handicraft stuffs. So after sight seeing or in between the open timings of the monuments a stroll through the lanes of Evora is worthwhile. We reached Evora after 5 and by that time the cathedrals were closed.

With sunset predicted at 9 we had 4 hours to loiter around the neat and clean streets of Evora. And yes, we also indulged in shopping in Evora. The lanes are dotted with little souvenir shops on both sides. Some of the shops had their stuff spilling on to streets. As usual I was confused what to choose.



Here is a series of pics of 5 must pick souvenirs on display there. I have included the pictures of items picked during my shopping in Evora.

1.Souvenirs made of Cork

A handicraft item made of cork. It is light in weight and no chance of breaking. That is advantage with cork souvenirs; these are found in plenty in Evora.

2. Hand Crafted Items

Other hand crafted items which reminded me of similar ones made in India were these carved walking sticks and wall hangings made of metal. See the bells. Similar ones are made in India too. Also the hand made stuffed pigeons looked cool.

Metal_wall_hangings_souvenir_EvoraHand_made_stuffed_pigeons3. Furniture

I liked the little chairs painted in bright colors. They are hand made by locals.

handmade_chairs_souvenir_evora4. Cock of Barcelos

The legend is that: At a banquet given by a rich land owner in Barcelos, silver was stolen and one guest was accused of theft. The court held him guilty. In spite of all the evidence against him he protested and pleaded innocence. The magistrate granted the man a final chance to prove his innocence. Seeing a cock in a basket nearby, he said: if I am innocent the cock will crow. The cock crowed and the prisoner was set free.

Cock_of_Barcelos_souvenir_Portugal5. Hand crafted Jewelry.

You can include jewelry too in the list while shopping in Evora. I saw a jewelry making mini factory. The man there stringing together various precious and semi precious stones, creating marvels.

Jewelry_shopping in Evorahand_crafted_jewelry

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