Sharjah Light Festival 2017 Experience in Different Locations

Sharjah, the cultural capital of United Arab Emirates, continues to dazzle the world for 7th consecutive year with its commendable light festival! I am just back after witnessing the grandeur of coordination of lights and colors in different pockets of Sharjah. The stunning colourful architectural landscape of Sharjah is mesmerizing beyond words.

Musical fountain show

Sharjah Light Festival Began in 2011

Sharjah Light Festival started in the year 2011. This initiative aims at economic development, supports its infrastructure and also attracts international investors, all in turn develops a balanced economy. Through this festival the emirate of Sharjah celebrates their rich heritage, artistic creativity and culture reflecting their glorious history. Their aim with Light Festival is to make Sharjah’s status as a favourite international tourist destination, emphasis the emirate’s magnificent Islamic architecture and cultural heritage.

Light festival are very happening events in parts of Europe, Sharjah has taken a cue from this and brought out a dazzling version of light festival. In the very first year they held the light show in 12 locations across the Emirate.

Al Noor Mosque

Dome of Al Noor Mosque

The Technicalities of Sharjah Light Festival

What I witnessed is a virtual redrawing of the outline of the Mosques and other monuments. They have used light and computer animation perfectly. Colors and patterns kept changing and all in a span of no time! The bright visuals kind of cast a spell on viewers. The light shows are supervised and monitored by world class professionals and artistes. The Sharjah Light Festival uses high quality light presentation technique with Light Emitting Diode (LED), this minimizes power consumption.

Al Majad Mosque

Al Majad Mosque

Sharjah Light Festival Locations for 2017

14 different locations across Sharjah will be lit up in this festival. The locations include architectural landmarks, mosques and historic buildings. I saw some of them come to life with dazzling light displays and musical performances. Khalid Lagoon in the centre of Sharjah City hosts the main event. The interactive show will be hosted at by Dr Sultan Al Qasimi Centre for Gulf Studies. The festival is on from 2nd of February to 11th of February.

Eye of Sharjah lit up for Sharjah Light Festival 2017

The 14 locations for Sharjah Light Festival 2017 include:

University City Hall,
Cultural Palace,
Al Noor Mosque,
Al Taqwa Mosque
Al Qasba besides the interactive light shows in the Palm Garden
the parade on the Khalid Lagoon Corniche
Kalba University,
Khor Fakkan University,
Dibba Mosque,
Al Dhaid Mosque
Masjid Sheikh Rashid Bin Ahmad Al Qasimi in Dibba.
Interactive technology show at Dr Sultan Al Qasimi Centre for Gulf Studies

University City Hall Sharjah

On 2nd we all assembled at University City Hall witness the light show of Sharjah Light Festival, unfortunately rain Gods decided to shower its blessings right at the moment of start. Disappointed we had to exit the venue. I later went on to Al Noor Mosque and Al Majad mosque which were beautifully lit up monuments. They too figure in the list of Sharjah Light Festival Locations. Later on 4th February we again went to University City Hall Sharjah. The effervescent dance of lights accompanied by some scintillating music created a heady experience for us. The spotlight was on Sharjah’s rich cultural heritage and history. Themes changed, colors changed, patterns changed and all done so flawlessly! The monument seemed to be bathed with colorful lights depicting history and art.

Here is a You tube video of 5minutes on the display of lights on University City Hall. Do sit with a warm cup of tea/coffee and enjoy the show.

I am thankful to Sharjah Tourism Board and Air Arabia for giving this golden opportunity to witness such a grand festival.

Sharjah Light Festival Unversity City Hall

Sharjah Light Festival Locations

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  • Yogi Saraswat
    11 months ago

    They have used light and computer animation perfectly. Colors and patterns kept changing and all in a span of no time! The bright visuals kind of cast a spell on viewers. Wow !! what a beautiful lighting . The second last picture is just amazing . Very well written information.

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  • I will be honest with you, I lived in Dubai for almost 3 years but never heard of this festival. The truth is that unfortunately, in Dubai they don’t promote the cultural events very well. Instead, this month they are just promoting the Dubai Shopping Festival. Thanks for sharing this, good to know that Sharjah old this kind of events

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    10 months ago

    Such gorgeous works of light around the city! I had no idea any other city did this – similar to Vivid in Sydney!

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  • Beautiful pictures Indrani….These guys really know how to do things in a style. I am so glad you covered this…it does bring out the different side of Sharjah. And then of course, cannot stop recalling my own lovely days here.

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