Sekayu Waterfalls, Kuala Berang, Malaysia

Falling water always have that soothing magical effect on your nerves and you tend to feel refreshed at once! Sekayu waterfalls in Sekayu Recreational Forest, Kuala Berang is one must see waterfall! It is situated approx 420kms north of Kuala Lampur and this is one waterfall I wouldn’t want to miss, if I am ever there in Malaysia.

                    (Picture courtesy Beehive communications)

The distinct feature of this waterfall is its seven level cascades. The lowest level can be accessed easily and not much of trekking is required. A flight of concrete stairs takes you right there. The waterfall is surrounded with natural landscape of lush jungle-clad hills. You can swim in the fall of the two cascades, while enjoying the atmosphere of a tropical fruit garden in the park. Space for swimming is flatter and less rocky. Once you are saturated with the intoxicating sights of the fall here, you can trek further approx twenty minutes to see the other cascades. Challenge the mountain, go ahead, and climb up, yes! You will have to do real trekking. The mountain isn’t very steep so you will not be drained out as you go higher.

Moreover the entire stretch of trekking path is dotted with picnicking spots and rest houses. Various public facilities like changing rooms, shelters, rest houses make tourists comfortable and therefore it is a major sought after recreational spot. Even with locals it is a major hit. In the weekends and holidays locals come here to camp.

The other attractions around this place are: a fruit orchard, a mini zoo, a bird park and a flower garden. Just a word of caution, arm yourself with mosquito repellants if you intend to spend night here.

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