Seagulls in Rome

Seagulls are known to nest in sides of cliff near beaches. So we were surprised to see them on roof tops of museums in Rome. One was sitting in its nest giving fierce looks to all those who dared to come close. My zoom lens 55-250mm, came to my rescue. Maintaining a safe distance from this young and beautiful mother-to-be bird, I took many captures.

I guess this is what happens when you have replaced the cliffs with high rise buildings? Assess a city from a aerial vantage point… how would you find the dark gray rise and fall of concrete, the serpentine roads, bypasses and what about those tall chimneys? The seagulls must be finding them to be steep cliffs and islands.

And once these seagulls get a taste of city life they rarely return to the wild and then you have a permanent neighbor for the next twenty to twenty five years, their entire life span. Do click to enlarge and see the beautiful eye as if done up with a bright red eyeliner.

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