Sea Spray At Tranquebar Beach

It is strange how the roaring sound of crashing waves can have a calming effect on mind! Water in general has this property of both calming and kindling our feelings. Sometimes it brings out emotions that have been suppressed for long. We were at Tranquebar Beach, near Chennai. Being so close to sea that day deepened my contemplation on life, my mind was filled with deep sense of wonder!

The lively salt water and the openness of the sea had a magnetic effect on us. We stood rooted there on the rocks. Initially we were enjoying the splash of the wild waves. As the waves approached we scampered for dry sands, this went on for sometime. And during one such hurried retreat my younger daughter fell over the rocks. The huge wave drenched her completely. Did she need any other reason to stay put there and get more wet.

“Ma… this is awesome! Leave the camera and join this fun!” she screamed with delight.

One look at her laughing face I knew she was experiencing the ever elusive “alive is awesome” moment. I let her be! Though there was the fear of safety I decided to join her. Soon we were drenched completely and were competing who could stand like a rock facing the crashing waves without falling down. I let my inhibitions go, why suppress the urge to bath and have fun in open sea.

As we moved out I cast one last look at the sea which entertained us. It seemed as if the big sea was waiting to serve us again, the infinite patience it has!

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