Say Cheese

These are ewe’s milk cheese; Pienza is famous for this local farm product. It is called pecorino. Italy has wide variety of cheese, all with specific names to indicate the variety. The cow milk cheese is hardly consumed in Tuscany region, pecorino is famous here. The huge size of these blocks of cheese attracted me; I held one in hand to assess its weight. My thoughts raced to the luggage that had increased over the days spent in Italy, pity I had to leave it behind.

Other than eating these, the blocks of cheese have one more use in Pienza. Visit the place on first Sunday of September and you can witness the cheese rolling competition. Participants roll the cheese block to see whose cheese rolls the farthest.

How to eat pecorino

Pecorino should be taken out of the refrigerator about an hour before being eaten, in order to let it regain its natural softness and to open up its taste. It is excellent when flavoured with some good olive oil. Pecorino can also be served as a dessert cheese, with honey dripped onto a very thin slice but this is not a particularly successful combination. Since the mature pecorino is much sharper tasting, it is generally sliced into thin shavings to be eaten alone or with sliced cured meats.

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