San Gimignano

From Pisa we set off for San Gimignano well known for its fourteen towers, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. This medieval town was once important as pilgrims halted there enroute to Rome, Vatican and then Jerusalem. The towers were built by warring wealthy families of the eleventh and thirteenth centuries to establish their power and dominance. The town once had 72 towers, of which only 14 stand tall today having resisted the deteriorating effects of time. These were the skyscrapers of medieval ages and they are visible from miles away even today.

Gimignano soon lost its importance and in its decline it preserved its medieval ambiance. Thankfully the changing society outside hardly affected the architecture and atmosphere within the town’s walls. It was worth spending >one hour here, roaming aimlessly along the twisted narrow lanes. The place still reflects the eleventh and thirteenth century prosperity and the old crumbling walls plead with you to linger on there for a longer time.

The Town of the Towers, San Gimignano is most well-preserved medieval towns in all of Italy.

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