Salzburg, Austria

The bus from our hotel dropped us off at Getreidegasse Street, Salzburg Old Town; from here we were on our own with just two books to guide us. A town well known for a variety of things ranging from chocolates, to music and movies and old architectural structures, it was initially difficult which to focus on. We walked on along the streets and cherished the sights as they came along.

The Old town is designated as UNESCO World Heritage site because of its best preserved unusually uniform Baroque style designs. Through the city flows the River Salzach, we toured the left bank first. This side has the famous Mozart’s place, fine churches and also the mighty fortress of Hohensalzburg. The following two pics of the city expanse and alpine settings, are the views from the fortress.

On the right bank of Salzach River are another set of interesting sight. Just one day for Salzburg and so we made a hurried visit to this part of the town and concentrated on just the Mirabell Palace, where most part of the shooting for the movie Sound of Music was done. The following pic is the view of the left side of the river with the fortress of Hohensalzburg as the outline. Do click to see the enlarged versions.

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