Salty Tea in Sunderbans, Local Drink of Sunderbans

The Sunderbans trip was a memorable one for me even though we couldn’t spot a single tiger. This often becomes a major disappointment to many tourists and they feel the entire trip is wasted, both in terms of time and money. It depends on the tourists, what exactly they want to do and see there. Chances of sighting a tiger are very less!

The resort we stayed was a well organized one, with good trips arranged to the villages and to the several islands scattered all around. The food spread was excellent, with tiger prawns and crabs. And there was refill till we were full. That is one advantage of going during the lean season. With not much crowd around and just two families we were taken care of well!

Salty tea in Sunderbans

Salty tea in Sunderbans

Something unique that I tasted there was salty tea! Yes, Salty tea in Sunderbans! No, they didn’t add salt to it but the water there is salty so the taste changes. They usually don’t add milk to this kind of tea and it is served when you are being cruised around the several islands through the mangrove forests. May be you can add sugar to sweeten it, but I just let it be and enjoyed the unusual local drink of Sunderbans.



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