Salt and Pepper for 5 Euros

Food options are plenty in Granada. The streets are lined with tavernas (small restaurants) with seating arrangements both inside and outside. Curiosity and hunger both factors made us grab a table at one of the tavernas. It was slightly awkward initially but then a waiter walked up and made us feel comfortable. He seemed too happy and came with a long list of dish, their specialties. Their sea food looked tempting at least in the pic they had in their menu card. Rice comes complimentary with sea food dishes we were told. Finally after a few minutes of conversation in broken English and hand signs the order was placed successfully, at least that is what I thought then.

Soon after the waiter left with our orders plates with toasts, chicken slices and olives arrived. We were surprised that the plates arrived even though we didn’t order it. It was just our third day in Spain and first time at a Spain’s taverna. We assumed it to be some kind of complimentary dish, and hogged it up completely – 4 hungry stomachs you see. Only when the bill came later we realized nothing comes complimentary in Spain. We shelled out good 4 euros for them. (You can refuse these we learned.)

The main dish arrived accompanied by rice and some gravy dish. So much of fish and different varieties of them; I have not seen this kind of fish presentation even in Goa! Prawns, squids, sardines, basa fish all crisp and crunchy, but wait something was missing. Salt! They use less salt. Indians are used to little spiciness too. So mustering some courage I asked for ‘salt and pepper’. I was worried if this too would require some explaining and actions. The waiter seemed to understand in one go and came back soon with a plate of salt and pepper!

 I was shocked!

The plate had fried wedges of salted potato and fried chillies! I was like: “Hello! What is this?”
Guess how much I paid for that plate of ‘salt and pepper’? Full 5 euros!!! The costliest ‘salt and pepper’ I ever had in my whole life! For the rest of my trip in Spain I never dared to ask for it.

Taberna Divisa Blanca



Selection Fried Fish

Salt and Pepper

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22 Responses

  1. Mridula says:

    I hate it when they charge for water or that they have a cover charge!

  2. Food looks delicious. Experience novel. 2 Euros for salt is a bit high. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Ah 5 Euros for salt and pepper! How much for a bottle of water?

  4. Hehe… a perfect salt and pepper…but oops..5 Euros… 🙁

  5. Food without or little salt! Did you find it difficult to eat?

  6. lol… did you finish the 5euro salt and chilli 😉 ?

  7. Ouch, you'll remember that meal for a while! That restaurant does NOT seem very ethical. Spanish 'bread baskets' are notorious for arriving unordered, but the salt & pepper dish was stretching it too far. :-/ Oh well, I'm sure this put you on your guard for the rest of the visit! 🙂

  8. D.Nambiar says:

    Quite a learning experience for you —
    and us. 🙂
    Thank you, Indrani. It was really interesting to know that you could chose not to take what was offered to you, outside of your order.

  9. OMG…salt and pepper for 5 Euros…eh Indians are going to definitely feel the pinch of salt a little hard in Spain 😉 I wonder how much for Kanda(onions)?!

  10. Rachna says:

    Hahaha That made me crack up. Expensive indeed!

  11. Sylvia K says:

    Ah, the food looks delicious, but I had to chuckle at the "salt and pepper"!!! Fun, colorful post for the day, Indrani!! Hope you have a great week!

  12. Ha ha ha! some time it happens. I don't know about the taste but potatoes & chilies are looking awesome 😉

  13. Something got lost in translation there. I love the food in Spain, but it's not cheap.

    That's a cool story.

  14. ladyfi says:

    What a delicious array of food.

  15. All Dishes look good.. except the "Salt and Pepper" ! What an hilarious experience !

  16. Afraid, no matter how good the food, the view or the atmosphere, the first time I was charged for salt and pepper would be the last time I ate at that restaurant. Great post!!

  17. Gail Dixon says:

    Looks absolutely amazing!

  18. Joyful says:

    Oh, sometimes travel gives us some harsh lessons. I had a similar experience in Mexico years ago. Not with food but with mariachi singers while having lunch/dinner. I thought it was free, lol.

  19. Lol,that's a high class salt and pepper 🙂 wonder how much the chili sauce will be.

  20. Lesson of the day- Carry your own desh-ka-namak when in Granada 😀
    Nice post!

    Antarik Anwesan

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