Visit to Sajjangarh Palace, Udaipur, Rajasthan

There are so many WOW places in Udaipur, and with just a day and half in hand we were forced to choose between the sight seeing spots. We didn’t want to rush through all the spots just to mark them ‘seen’. So the evening was set aside for the Sajjangarh Palace, located on Bansandra Mountain of Aravalli Range, 5km from Udaipur.

Sajjangarh Palace
Sajjangarh Palace entrance

When Maharana Sajjan Singh built this in 19th century (it took 10 years 1874 – 1884), his intention was to use this as an observatory to watch the progress of the monsoon clouds over the surrounding regions. His plan was to construct nine floors observatory there. Unfortunately the King died young at a tender age of 26.

A very old painting of an artist’s plan of the nine storey observatory.

The palace now stands three floors tall. It is popularly called ‘Monsoon Palace‘ after the shooting of James Bond film Octopussy. The ground floor is converted into a museum, with a wonderful collection of pictures, paintings and old maps. Though a section of the palace is in a dilapidated condition, lot of effort is being taken on the remaining parts to maintain its past glory.

Sunset from Sajjangarh Palace

The view from the higher floors is mesmerizing and the sunset that day was spectacular.

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50 Responses

  1. Sylvia K says:

    What a great and fascinating post, Indrani! And your photos are fabulous! I do see what mean about the sunset! And what a beautiful, interesting building. Thanks as always, for sharing the fun and the beauty.

  2. Reader Wil says:

    Again a very interesting and informative post! Thank you Indrani!

  3. Nessa says:

    You are seeing such amazing places. I love the architecture.

  4. Pietro says:

    Indrani, you’ve made a splendid sequence of images! I like the palace, the view from the arcades and the charming sunset. Those are beautiful places indeed!

  5. That’s a wow if there ever was a wow of a spot. Thanks so much!

  6. erin says:

    i do enjoy your treks into the vast countryside that is india. always a great adventure to view and this is no exception. beautiful shots and enjoyed the back story.
    have a wonderful week.,

  7. Gaelyn says:

    What a magnificent place. I’m with you on seeing few places well, than many places as seen. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Carver says:

    Such an interesting post and great photographs.

  9. Anya says:

    Its realy WOW!!
    Another fantastic post 🙂
    Very beautiful architecture 🙂
    But you now
    I’am a lover from sunsets, its
    WOW !! WOW !!
    It is unbelievable,
    something I have never seen,
    its a very colorful,beautiful,wonderful..
    sunset, its your best shot
    (I think)…

  10. thyme says:

    It is beautiful. It looks quite modern next to some of the other buildings you have posted photos of!

  11. ewok1993 says:

    Always fascinated by your posts, both text and photos.

  12. More great history and architecture! What an incredible view – too bad he didn’t live to enjoy it…

  13. Sahasi says:

    Marvellously captured images… great job…

  14. Very interesting post.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Mary Elizabeth @ Now and Then

  15. Arija says:

    You always show us such wonderful historic places, and this time a beautiful sunset as well!

  16. Pam says:

    Your photos are wonderful, Indrani. This is a world worth seeing. Thank you for sharing.

  17. This is a nice place to visit. I hope I can in the future.

    Note: Thanks for dropping by to my site. This is the only time I have a free time to dig to all my visitors and say a personal thanks (this is for the weekend snapshot last week)…i know my comments are sooooo late.

  18. Great pictures and interesting trivia – about the plans for the observatory and the shooting of Octopussy.

  19. Regina says:

    Fantastic post. I haven’t been to India. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Nabeel says:

    The sunset photo is very nice. I wonder why is it hazy? Is it the pollution or just mist?

  21. I just love your posts of India, they are always facinating.

  22. Lawstude says:

    the last pic is soooooooooo beautiful. postcard material. great job.

  23. sujata says:

    great post Indrani..almost a very real tour of the Sajjangarh Palace. The sequence of shots is amazing.

  24. Aviral says:

    nice pics…your blog too is a WOW place!

  25. alicesg says:

    The palace look so amazing. Love the scenery taken from the window.

  26. hip chick says:

    The sunset was beautiful. And that third picture of the building is just so beautiful.

  27. Wow! I’m visiting an Indian palace today. 🙂

    It must have been a vibrant place.

  28. Russ says:

    Very nice – what a beautiful country.

  29. Why couldn’t the next king just complete it? It would have been a great sight from atop all the floors of the observatory if it had been completed…. Silly Kings!

    Destination Infinity

  30. Great outpost of a observatory.
    The view must surely be fantastic!
    Thanks for the pics.

  31. George says:

    Thanks for another interesting visit to a fascinating site. The sunset picture is gorgeous.

  32. Lawstude says:

    wow. your pics never really fail to impress me. great job. 🙂

  33. J says:

    I love the second to last photo – stunning view! Maybe because I’ve just looked at photos of Florence on Erin’s blog, but from the outside the building looks very Italian.

  34. Jenn says:

    You know that India has always been one of my dream trips. Have read up on it a few years ago (Discovery Insights and Lonely Planet as guide) but have yet to actually do it. There are just too many places to go, too little time… Sigh! But I will, one day step foot in your part of the world. You have ignited my passion to see India once again. 🙂

  35. M.Kate says:

    I think if I go to India, i’d have to stay a few months there..just too many beautiful things to see. tks for sharing

  36. Onkar says:

    Beautiful pictures. I just could not take my eyes off the last one.

  37. Rajesh says:

    Amazing snaps of beautiful palace. Missed it on my last trip. May be next time!

  38. LadyFi says:

    What a fabulous looking palace! Great shots.

  39. What a view!! You find the most amazing places, Indrani, and I am learning so much about your country through your blog. You know I’m weak for India, so a big thank you from Africa!!

  40. Absolutely stunning!!!! And so informative!!! Your final shot is amazing! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment…I am honored…and so glad I had the opportunity of returning your visit…I wouldn’t have wanted to miss your post for anything! Terrific! ~Janine

  41. Ebie says:

    Very impressive photos.That’s a beautiful sunset.

  42. This would be a very nice place to visit. Thanks for sharing such treasures with us

  43. i love this palace..infact i just love Udaipur 🙂

  44. Hilary says:

    What an incredible spot. That sunset is so dreamy.

  45. bindu says:

    That sunset picture is amazing. Rajasthan is fascinating too.

  46. Vamsee says:

    Nice post – Interesting information about Udaipur. Definitely remember the palace from the Bond movie

  47. Arija says:

    Oh my goodness, India has so many wonders and you delight our eyes with them.

  48. The view is breathtaking…I could stand there for hours just taking it all in!!

  49. mathew says:

    vwey interesting pics in this blog..the last one here is simply superb!

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