Saint Peter’s Church Exteriors, Leuven, Belgium

St. Peter’s is one of the rare incomplete structures that made its way to the prestigious list of UNESCO World heritage sites. The towers planned for the church could never be completed. The old existing ones were damaged in fire and later due to lack of funds and instability in its foundations, the central tower was abandoned at one third its initial height.

This jacquemart, or golden automaton, which periodically rings a bell near the clock on the gable of the southern transept, above the main southern entrance door is a 1998 addition to the façade. We were lucky to watch the figurine moving at the stroke of the eleventh hour that day.

The original design preserved at southern end of the church.

This is the view from the Grote market at the east of the church. Notice the seven radiating chapels.

Modena, Street View
Saint Peter's Church (Sint-Pieterskerk), Leuven, Belgium

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