Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad

The soil in Sabarmati Ashram is holy!

(Today, 30th January, is Martyr’s day; the date that marks the assassination of Gandhi in 1948. I am reminded of my visit to Sabarmati Ashram some time back.)

It is here Mahatma Gandhi spent 12 years of his life. After returning from South Africa, he found this place to be suitable for his future activities. Here he did his experiments in living, with a major focus on manual labor, agriculture, and literacy to advance his efforts for nation’s self-sufficiency. Another historic event this site is associated is ‘the Dandi march’. On 12th March 1930, along with 78 of his companions he set off on a protest against the British Salt Law. On that day he vowed not to return to the ashram till India got her independence.

 (Gandhiji’s walking stick and footwear)

Today the ashram is a national monument and maintained well. The Sabarmati River flows by the ashram, silently watching the various activities that are going on for years. The museum here is a rich storehouse of many things associated with life of Gandhi. The life size photographs and paintings amazed me. There are original and photocopies of his handwritten letters, personal clothes, the charkha he used Visiting Hridya Kunj gave me goose bumps; it is here Gandhi stayed with his wife Kasturba.

 A 90 minute guided tour takes you through the various kutirs, displays of woven stuffs, galleries and exhibitions on aspects of Gandhi’s life, literature and activities. Sabarmati Ashram is 9kms from Ahmedabad airport. Book air tickets to Ahmedabad which is well connected to all other major cities. SpiceJet offers on time flight services to Ahmedabad. From airport it takes just fifteen minutes to the Ashram.

(In the map A-Ahmedabad airport, B-Sabarmati Ashram.)
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