Rural Toy

When I read the Thursday Challenge word is WHEELS, my thoughts raced back to that day when I saw a little boy playing with a wheel. This was in Sunderbans, West Bengal. The little boy was engrossed in trying to run with the wheel, he was hitting it at regular intervals to keep it straight and rolling. It seemed to me as if it was an art he was trying to master.

The activity kept the boy so engaged in his mind that he was not aware he was almost going to bump in to us. I moved out of his way so that I don’t disturb his game.

A tyre that was thrown away as useless was a source of joy and enjoyment for him. He wasn’t dependent on any costly toy, nor could his parents afford any. I could see clearly it was a learning experience for him; he made good use of a waste stuff, his reflexes improved while trying to balance the wheel and he learned to be happy on his own! Wish I could be like him!

Bonbibi, Saviour of Sundarbans Forest
Unexpected Joy watching Rains in Solan, Himachal Pradesh

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